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Hi, my name is Jackie and I live in Israel.   I've done Whole30 a few times but never managed to get through reintroduction.   I'm now R4D25 and committing to a different approach this time.

I've seen several NSVs but there are still some things that I'm not happy with (sleep not as good as I would like; still have pain in joints, although less than it was; not convinced my sugar-dragon isn't waiting to rear its ugly head as soon as I get to day 30 and set me off on a binge!).   I'm planning on carrying on for a bit longer but also allowing a few slow-roll introduction days to slip in if necessary.

I have to do preparation for a colonoscopy at the end of January and this includes a very, very restrictive diet of fluids, protein and white carbs (bread and pasta).   I'm a little concerned about adding them in but not sure I can get through 5 days of such a restrictive diet without them.    

I then have 7 days (which I plan to keep strict Whole30) before I go overseas for a week.   I should be able to keep fairly well to plan but I know there will be a few occasions where I'll have to accept that I don't know exactly what is in all the food that I'll be eating.   My plan is then to come home and get back on a strict Whole30 for the last two weeks of February.   I'll then see where I'm at and whether this has worked for me in which case I'll carry on in this way.

I don't really have a question but if anyone has any comments/suggestions for getting me through the 5 days of preparation for the colonoscopy, I'd be really grateful.

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