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Yoga Anyone? Thinking of ditching the crazy for something new.


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I normallly Crossfit 4 days a week, but I find I am a better Crossfitter when I do yoga at least once a week. I love hot vinyasa flow at my local studio, I sweat so much and feel great after.


My back has been hurt for the past few months, so I'm actually taking a breaking during my Whole30 from my normal Crossfit routine, and doing Pilates instead. I just had my first class in 7 years Monday night, and my back is feeling better already. I did go to yoga on Saturday evening, I had to be careful with my back and omit a few of the postures (camel, bridge, etc.) but otherwise my back felt ok. I'm excited to see what a month (or more) of Pilates will do fo rmy abs!

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