Allison's Whole 30 Log - Start 1/7/19

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Day 25

Breakfast (8:00 AM): sausage, sweet potato "pancakes" and strawberries with coconut

Lunch (12 PM): Cobb salad.

Dinner (7:30 PM): Mexican inspired cauliflower rice with ground beef with some guac

Definitely felt energized today. No coffee, no tea. Just energy. Also, My resting heart rate was 59! I have been flirting with the low 60s and for the first time it was 59! I have seen it go lower when i was relaxed, but still exciting! As this challenge comes to an end, I am pretty proud that I have had at least 10k steps every day so far. I do really want to have some nachos. While I have been enjoying my cheese free salads, I do miss a bit of blue cheese. Now I have not been fixated on the thought of these nachos (for a particular restaurant) or cheese, which is very refreshing from other Whole30s I have done. If you asked me on my first few Whole30s if I would extend it even one day, I would say there is no way, no how. I think the only way I won't extend it the next few days is if I just fail at meal prep, especially since I work until like 10 PM and the last thing I want to do after working 12+ hours is to make a mess in the kitchen.

I am not doing a reintroduction this time, since this is not my first Whole30, but I am excited to discover my food freedom. I think this time I will actually achieve it. I am really surprised on how few cravings I have been having and I think my sugar dragon is back under control (I think I mentioned previously that I never had a sugar dragon until I got pregnant and since then he has been living high on life). If you put a pint of my favorite ice cream in front of me, I think I am back to maybe having a bite or two. Seriously, a pint of ice cream used to last 6 months in my freezer. Since I got pregnant it wouldn't last 6 days (or likely even 3 days!) And don't even get me started on Sonic's milk shakes....I am not entirely sure how I am going to do the 90% Whole30. I am thinking 2 "cheat" meals a week. "Cheat" meal is probably not the right word because it makes it sound like I am being cheated the remaining meals, when I am actually pretty happy eating on plan or if I just want a side of quinoa or add some cheese to an otherwise complaint salad, maybe those only count for half of a "cheat" meal. I can absolutely see there being some weeks where I don't want these off plan meals and maybe some weeks I have an extra. I don't want to be too strict, because that to me is not food freedom. But I definitely want to eat better and lose all of this weight (and not need coffee, even if I want it)

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Day 26

Breakfast (8:00 AM): sausage, sweet potato "pancakes" and strawberries with coconut

Lunch (12 PM): Cobb salad.

Snack: A small handful of dried bananas

Dinner (7:30 PM): Mexican inspired cauliflower rice with ground beef with some guac , pineapple

Weird. Today I had a slight headache all day. In the evening I gave up and took some pain killers. It was more annoying than anything. I drank so much water and had a decent amount of carbs all day. Might just be work stress though. Otherwise day 26 went okay. I also packed snacks for the weekend so that I can at least be compliant....maybe hungry and not the best example of Whole30, but compliant. I guess I'll update everyone on Monday how this weekend went! Happy Super Bowl everyone!

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Day 27

Breakfast (8:00 AM): Eggs with onions and spinach, hash browns in ghee, strawberries and coconut

Lunch (11:30 AM): Egg scramble with tomato, mushrooms, spinach, avocado and onion, breakfast potatoes. (I definitely ate too much this meal, but I did not expect a lot from dinner so I wanted to make sure I was not starving and eating a ton of snacks post dinner)

Dinner (4:30 PM): Burger with avocado and salsa, lettuce wrapped. I asked if it was complaint and had them take off the 1000 island dressing, bun and cheese. I have a feeling there was something in the patty that was not complaint, because like two hours later I was pretty bloated. It could be that I ate so many eggs that day or a huge lunch, especially since I have done a reintroduction before and really did not have any issues except with sugar effecting my sleep and my body burns fat way better on the Whole30. Also, the restaurant was definitely more upscale so I would be very surprised if they had something other than spices, which yes could have sugar, in their patty. I asked the right questions so I am just going to chalk it up to eating so much (or eating out twice in one day)

Day 28

Breakfast (8:00 AM): sausage, Eggs with onions and spinach and guac

Lunch (11 AM): Egg scramble with tomato, basil and avocado, breakfast potatoes

Superbowl Party (3:30 - 7 PM): Definitely grazed. Carrots, cucumbers and plantain chips with guac, chicken and carne asada with salsa, onions and cilantro. I think the meat was complaint. My husband asked the questions for me. It was a good sign they said they did not think the carnitas were complaint.

Whew. Made it through this weekend. I was definitely worried, but I think I did okay. Probably not ideal. I felt pretty good. I definitely did get questioned Saturday night if I was pregnant since I abstained from the wine. I said I wasn't, which is true. I think some people were disappointed, but at least I didn't have to answer questions about what whole30 is and such. I am really surprised that I am not excited it is almost over. I think I may kinda do a reintro for dairy and gluten, since I am going to do a 90% whole30 diet afterwards anyway. However, my husband is cooking for us on Valentines day and it is absolutely not going to be complaint. It is also a surprise. So maybe dairy on Saturday and then gluten the next Monday or Tuesday and then likely Whole30 the rest of the week after Valentines day.

Also, I am not sure if it is the Whole30 or I am just taking better care of my nails, but my nails have not broken once since Christmas. usually my nails I keep very short because they always break. I generally can't keep them much longer than where my fingers end because they break so easily. I have been keeping them right at my finger length or even a hair longer and not a single one has broken. Granted, I have been clipping and painting them every weekend, which is probably at least helping. I will say, the last few days I have had some pimples on my chin pop up. Nothing huge, but definitely not as clear as I would have hoped. Not sure if it's due to stress though.

Only 2 days + 3 left!


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Day 29!

Breakfast (8:00 AM): leftover egg scramble with tomato, basil and avocado and breakfast potatoes from yesterday. Fruit with coconut

Lunch (11:30 AM): Mexican inspired cauliflower rice with ground beef with some guac and half a sausage. Definitely not enough food, but I did not food prep so it's freezer meals for me this week.

Snack (3:30):  Didn't make it. Had some mangoes and pistachios

Dinner (7:30 PM): Chicken Veggie soup. Not really that hungry from snacking

Almost done! I am writing this on my last day. I am debating about not doing my extra three days and trying to get an extra reintroduction in prior to Valentines day, specifically non-gluten grains. I don't think I will, because really the only things I truly miss are dairy (cheese and real butter) and the occasional bread (I love sourdough). However, I live in SoCal and the tacos and tortilla chips are literally everywhere, so I will be adding back corn into my diet for sure. I have done Whole30 introductions before and really had no issues, but I do know people change over time and what is more body changing than having a baby! Since I vow to do 90% whole30 after, I may just see if I can eat Whole30 several days (or a week) after Valentines day and try to see if I can pick up my reintroduction after. I am sure the effects, if any, will not be as pronounced. I am just trying to figure out what is more important. My promise of 30 days (even though my slip ups were purely accidental and I did not even notice at the time) or a reintroduction.


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Day 30!!!!!!!!!

Breakfast (8:00 AM): hardboiled eggs, sausage, strawberries with coconut

Lunch (11:30 AM): Mexican inspired cauliflower rice with ground beef with some guac and half a sausage, some dried banana and pistachios. Like yesterday, my portion was not big enough so I added some additional items to make me fuller.

Dinner (7:30 PM): Chicken Veggie soup.

Writing this on day 31, so my results will follow. Today was really good. Pretty even energy. Unlike previous Whole30s, I am not super excited to be done. I am happy that I am done. But I am also not daydreaming about what non-complaint thing I can’t wait to have. I am really proud of that. On previous Whole30s, I have lost more weight and did not slip up, but just the fact that I am not super excited to be off of the Whole30, makes me probably the most proud of this one. I am hopeful that this means I will be more thoughtful of what I put in my body after Whole30. I want to continue to log (obviously pointing out anything non-compliant). I promise to go easy on the details of anything crazy off plan for those trying to get through their Whole30s. I am sure no one wants to hear about an amazing dessert I had, especially on their Day 10, when it is easy to quit! However, I do want to be mostly complaint and logging it will definitely show me if it is time for a mini reset or even another Whole30.

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Whole30 results!

Overall, I think this Whole30 was a success. It had its ups and its downs, but I definitely feel more confident in my future choices after this Whole30 than others. I am still split if I am going to go through Friday and try to get in some reintroductions before Valentine’s Day. So I wanted to give my scale and non-scale victories today, in case I decide to reintroduce today. The scale victories I got from here: (edited for length) So here we go!

Scale/Measurable Victories! (Measurements take on day 3)

Weight: 166.5 pounds (start), 153.4 pounds (end)

Waist: 32.25 (day 3), 29.5 (end)

Hips: 42.25 (day 3), 41.5 (end)

Chest: 41  (day 3), 39.5 (end)

I lost 13.1 pounds (8.1 of those are pure fat!) and 5 inches!

Non-Scale Victories!

Physical (Outside)

Clearer skin – yes! I did break out a little, but that is likely due to stress

More youthful appearance – maybe, but I started using anti-aging cream in December

Longer, stronger nails – I think so! Could be my new nail care routine, but I am sure Whole30 helped

Flatter stomach, Leaner appearance, Clothes fitting better, Less bloating – clearly based on my scale and measurable victories

Less dimpled skin – if these means less cellulite then I guess, but that is likely due to fat loss. Prior to pregnancy (and weighing a lot less) I have zero, do I have less than when I started Whole30, yes?

You feel more confident naked – Yes! Still a long way to go, but definitely my self-esteem is through the roof

Physical (Inside)

Fewer PMS symptoms – I think so. Less cramping but my back pain did not decrease

A more regular monthly cycle – not sure how anyone can know this doing only 30 days

You don’t get sick as often – my daughter got sick right at the beginning of mine. In the mornings I am coughing like I have bronchitis, but I never got sick. I am usually the first one to get sick if I am around someone that is sick

No more seasonal allergies – it rained through most of my Whole30 so  who knows

No more asthma – Never been diagnosed, but usually extreme cold is very hard on my lungs and I do have a rescue inhaler. When I have used it frequently during the winter, it has generally been in places it has been colder than what I have experienced this winter, but I have only used it once this winter and it was a very cold night and someone lit a cigarette up near me. So possibly.

An improvement in your specific symptoms or condition – I’ll use this one for a lower resting heart rate. I was around 64-69 BPM before and during my Whole30 I was between 59-64 BPM!

Mood, Emotion, and Psychology

You’re nicer –probably depends on who you ask

You’re more optimistic – I think so

You’re generally happier - definitely

No more sugar cravings – yes! I am so glad I am back to where I was pre-pregnancy.

No more carb cravings – yes, but we will see how the next few weeks go

Brain Function – I don’t think so

Sleep – hard to tell. I think so. But I had a sick baby who was not sleeping through the night and/or joining me in bed.


Your energy levels are consistently high – yes!

More energy to exercise – I get energized after I do my tread and work sesh!

You no longer need sugar or caffeine to prop up your energy – sugar was N/A before. I have definitely needed caffeine throughout my Whole30. Not regularly, but also my sleep was all over the place (see above)

Sport, Exercise, and Play

You started exercising – walking yes. I hit 10k steps every day of my whole30!

Food and Behaviors

You have a healthier relationship with food – yes!

You practice mindful eating - hopefully

You have abandoned yo-yo dieting forever – hopefully!

You don’t use food for comfort, reward, punishment, stress management – we will see after reintroduction

You have fewer cravings – yes! This time there was a huge difference in this! Previous Whole30s I would dream about all of the things I could not have. This one has been very tame. Yes, there are things that I will deem “worth it occasionally”, but I think I am more on track this time

When you do indulge, it’s deliberate – I really want to work on this, post Whole30

Lifestyle and Social – none of these were really too applicable. I used to food prep a lot and I have done previous whole30s, so this one was much easier, because I knew a lot (not everything) beforehand


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