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Day 8 - this personal space helps a lot to set up my day

Lorna from Canada

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Today I woke up late after an interrupted sleep thanks to our 18 year old demented cat (yes, she has dementia - who knew cats could become demented? Totally physically well but completely disoriented at night) - anyway - firstly, 2 weeks ago, no matter what hour I went to bed the previous night, I would not have been able to get back to sleep at 6:00AM when Noonie woke me up. So, sleeping in until 9:45 is wild!. Secondly, when I did get up, I automatically reached for my morning piece of fruit but realized I didn't want it. That's different too - usually I want to eat something immediately upon rising so, not eating anything at all - or, not wanting to eat anything at all is quite different.

Last night was crazy busy. We arrived home late and there are 2 cans of very cold beer sitting at the back of the fridge that were so tempting - I'm not even primarily a beer drinker but MAN those were tempting. Nope. I made us tea instead which was just fine - although not what we wanted :)

Today is bright and sunny and winter wonderland-like. I have new boots to take out for a walk - I've been off all major exercise endeavours for 3 months now and need to start getting back into it mentally. I want to return to running again when I get to Australia in early February. So - time to ge tmoving. No change in my chronic pain issues yet - trying NOT to focus on my concern about that.

NSVs so far: 

Decreased mindless noshing.

Decreased stomach pain/bloating.

Better sleep quality and length.

Less anxiety - my brain is more calm. Only someone with disordered anxiety would know what that means. 

Personal sense of accomplishment and commitment. I couldn't cheat on this plan now if there was a stockpile of non-compliant foods I love sitting it front of me.



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