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My Whole30 log day 10 - omg cravings!!


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I am at the end of day 10. So far I have done a great job planning, am really enjoying cooking, and even have my husband going along with the food I’m making. But man, today was a little rough. I wanted all the carbs - not the good ones, as I’m eating plenty of fruits and veggies, but bread and butter. And pizza. And also some of the candy on my admins desk. And cheese. I’m sure being pregnant is not helping with the cravings! I stayed strong though, made myself some herbal tea, and got through it. I have really good reasons for doing this program and it’s not worth it to me to screw it up now. I’m a third of the way through! I really want to see what foods cause my joint pain and inflammation. And i know that a piece of pizza wouldn’t really be as satisfying as seeing this through. Just gotta stay strong! 

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