I want some damn ice cream

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Its day 10. I know that I'm in the hardest days but this isn't my first W30 so I though I'd be alright. I've been sitting on my couch all day long with no desire to do anything, I can't stop thinking about ice cream, and I actually physically stink. Like, I woke up with body odor and have stunk all day long. Is this just the toxins coming out through my skin? I don't remember this from last time but it has to be related to the diet right? I just want the ice cream sooo bad 

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Not really sure about the BO, but diet changes affect all sorts of stuff so it makes sense it could affect that too.

About the ice cream -- probably the best way to stop thinking about it is to get up and go do something that keeps your hands and your brain busy for a while. Do you have  a hobby you can work on? A closet or junk drawer you've been meaning to clean out? Go for a walk, or do an exercise video, or paint your nails, or take a bubble bath (bonus -- that one gets rid of the stink too). If all else fails, go to bed early, most people could probably do with a little extra sleep. 

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