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Using the Bathroom After Breakfast

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Hi all, I'm on day 10 of what I believe to be my 6th Whole30 over the last 5 years. Every time seems to bring up new challenges.

I struggle with digestion issues and Whole30 usually does the trick. I'm thankful to be feeling more regular, but have usually been using the bathroom right after I eat breakfast and find myself feeling hungry again.

I'm wondering if I should have a another mini meal of protein/fat or if there may be some way to avoid this happening? Maybe I should drink a lot of water right when I wake up and hopefully use the bathroom before breakfast?

Any help would be appreciated!


Brittany :]


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Using the bathroom after breakfast is very common - you're not eliminating what you just ate tho, you're eliminating waste from your digestive tract from the day before (your digestion shuts down in the night and breakfast wakes it up).  It may be that you can try going to the bathroom before you eat to make sure your digestion tract is not 'squishing down' your stomach space (for lack of a better description).  Usually a warm lemon water upon waking will kick start your digestion and you can eliminate before breakfast.

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