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Day 9 - fruit and fruit and fruit

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Too much fruit. Well, 3-4 small pieces per day - not so much in the grand scheme of things but eaten as a snack and at the end of a meal as a dessert and I know that's not the intent but it's happening. Awareness is the first step to change. I have an outrageously powerful sugar dragon who is also outraged at the moment but fruit isn't the answer. So, done today with fruit. Those 2 clementines, that banana and that apple are all she wrote for today. Tomorrow is another day - I commit to 2 pieces of fruit as part of my meal - period.

Team FamJam is otherwise going strong. Hubby navigated a work dinner out last night feasting on the interior cuts of his meat (lest they be bathed in non-compliant sauce or marinade) and dry salad. A Larabar filled in the gaps on the way home. Good for him - those dinners out with him are "reward" dinners for the winners of staff challenges and tend to be calorie laden, drink sodden affairs. While a unique experience for the winners, DH does them a couple of times a month! They have been causing him some trouble. Not this time - I'm so proud of his commitment! 

Me - I'm in coast mode - can't quite believe what I am eating - haven't had this much red meat in 20 years! Trusting the science and the experiences of others. I know the low fat/cholestrol; chemical substitutes and starvation methodologies haven't worked for me to feel healthy so - I am 100% sticking with this - fruit not withstanding :)

And, it's Friday night - one more wineless, beerless weekend to face. Hoping it will be easier this weekend than last.




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Ugh, I have such a problem with fruit too! I made myself only pack one piece of fruit for work today so I couldn't cave in too badly. The first week I was eating a ton, but I was also adjusting to eating animal proteins again (vegetarian over here) so I gave myself a bit of leeway with it. Now I usually have strawberries or apple slices in my salad for lunch and maybe a banana with breakfast or an apple as I'm making dinner. I have some dried "nothing added" mango for emergencies. 

I hope you're able to kick the sugary fruit dragon!

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