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Belgian Endive

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In my opinion, this is another unsung veggie. I had had them before, pre-W30, stuffed with some type of feta mixture, which was tasty, but...

Luckily, last month we had an endive salad at a restaurant (i was riding my own bike, then, LOL), and I have recreated, Whole 30 style, at home. It's pretty easy to throw together and so good!!

Basically, I chop about 2-3 endives in to small pieces (quick with a chef's knife), and combine with toasted slivered almonds, a bit of green onion, and 1 chopped fried egg. If you have SF bacon, some cooked crumbled bacon, or crumbled pancetta ( I believe WF has a compliant one) is good. Then I make a quick vinaigrette with white balsamic, EVOO, a squirt of mustard, and salt and pepper. It sounds weird, but mixed together, these are soooo good!! ***edited to add*** I've had it without the egg and it was still good...but if you have time, add the egg. The one at the restaurant was poached and sort of runny, and blended with the dressing. Sounds weird (I'm not usually a runny egg girl), but it really was good.

I've also read that sauteeing endive is good, but I haven't tried it yet. Please share your Belgian endive recipes/ideas!!

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