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No sleeping well

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Hi all! 

Im on day 11 and have not had too many challenges. However, my sleep has not been great. 

I used to to be a really good sleeper 8-10 hours without waking up. Since I’ve started on whole30, it takes me about 1-2 hours to fall asleep & I wake up several times tossing and turning. Sometimes have to get up to use the restroom but not always. It’s been a little frustrating  

I ‘ve been taking melatonin for the last 5 days, but don’t really seem any benefits. 

Any advice or suggestions? 


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Hey there!  Sorry to hear that, sleep is a tough one to have problems with because it can affect your whole life!

Are you eating within an hour of waking and stopping eating at least a couple hours before bed? Stopping coffee at or before noon? If you're eating a fist sized serving of starchy carb (which is recommended regardless), try moving it to your evening meal if you eat it at another time of the day.  Do you practice good sleep hygiene?  Sometimes the things we used to do don't work anymore as our hormones adjust (especially for the ladies) so you may need to put a little more thoughtfulness into how you prepare for bed and how your sleeping quarters are (cool, dark, quiet etc).

You can also try taking Natural Calm instead of the melatonin.  It's a magnesium supplement that sometimes helps with sleep - don't go overboard tho because it also draws fluid into the digestive tract which can cause bathrooming issues - it helps with constipation ;).  Start off with a minimal dose and the work up - the unsweetened flavor is compliant.

Does any of that sound like it's worth trying?

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yes I usually eat between 7-8 and I rarely have carbs. I’ve been having maybe a sweet potato but mostly meats, veggies, and fruit in salad. I Try to be in bed by 1030-1130. My room is def super dark and quiet. I usually fall asleep to a podcast that used to put me right to sleep but now I’m waking up too frequently. 

Sleep routine usually shower, Netflix, and read before lights out. 

I only have 1 cup of coffee early in the morning. Maybe 1 1/2 but never after noon. 

I will try the Natural Calm. I’ll check out target today. 

Thanks for the quick reply. 

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