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Why am I burping like a teenage boy trying to show up his friends?


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I am on Day 6 of my first Whole 30. My energy is fine, no real cravings to speak of, and I am sleeping alright. The only “bad” experience I am having so far is burping. I’m talking BIG and LOUD. Usually between meals and isn’t accompanied by any noticeable stomach irritation or bloating. I rarely burp and when I do, they are quiet. I am eating a variety of foods, so there isn’t one particular item I can point to as a cause. I also regularly eat a broad spectrum of healthy foods, so I haven’t introduced anything new or shocking to my system that I can think of. 

I have been using ghee, which is new to me (but I normally cook with grass fed butter). I am also probably not quite hitting the ideal portion of fat with each meal. I find that I reach satiation much more quickly than normal for me. About an hour after I eat these smaller portions, the burping starts. What’s going on with me?

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It’s gotten a bit better, though I do still burp a handful of times a day when I rarely ever did before. I have incorporated some kobucha. Speaking of... why is kombucha legal, but not vanilla extract? Kombucha labels indicate that has alcohol in it. 

Here is a rough idea of my menu. I didn’t track portions. I regularly ate pretty much all of these things in my normal diet, though I wasn’t eating as many eggs b/c I was skipping breakfast on weekdays. 

Day 5:

Egg muffin with veggies and compliant sausage patty

Pulled pork with salsa and guacamole and chipotle roasted sweet potatoes

Shrimp and salad with compliant dressing


Day 6:

Same breakfast

Shredded chicken, sweet potato, cauliflower rice and compliant curry sauce

Taco salads (no dairy, beans, dressing or tortillas)

Macadamias and kombucha as a snack


Day 7:

Egg scramble with onion, mushroom and spinach  hash browns with shallot and peppers

Coconut crusted mahi nuggets (used almond flour and unsweetened coconut), cumin roasted carrots and salad with compliant dressing

Tritip Chili (no beans) with avocado


Day 8 (this day the burping started to decrease a little):

Egg casserole with potatoes, compliant hamand veggies

Buffalo chicken soup (chicken, onion, peppers, spaghetti squash and franks). Chopped celery and cucumber with guacamole  

Spaghetti squash with meatballs and compliant marinara

Pistachios and hard boiled egg as a snack



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Not sure on the burps, but quoting @missmary:

"Kombucha is typically very low in alcohol (it isn't made with alcohol, but alcohol can be a byproduct of fermentation). The kombucha you find in stores will be less than 0.5% alcohol content. Kombucha is also a natural fermented beverage that has been shown to improve digestion and gut health. Alcohol in this case is naturally occuring (similar alcohol levels can be found in fruit juice!)

Vanilla extract, on the other hand, is typically made by distilling vanilla bean in ethyl alcohol (alcohol is an ingredient in vanilla extract), typically about 35% alcohol or more. While vanilla is a nice flavor, it doesn't have any particular health benefits and it does not improve gut health. Those who want vanilla flavor during a whole30 can use vanilla bean or (unsweetened) vanilla powder. One could argue that the tiny amount of vanilla extract in a recipe doesn't matter, but the whole30 rules simply state that no amount of alcohol added as an ingredient in a product is acceptable."

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