Lavva plant based yogurt

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Since I didn't see anything about this product, I'll go ahead and ask.

Yesterday I found this yogurt at Whole Foods. It says 'no added sugar' right on the label and the ingredients don't list sugar (which is my main concern with alternative yogurts). I just wanted to see if this is a good yogurt for W30 before I figuratively go buy 10 and rejoice.

Here's the website.

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Except for the vanilla, the ingredients are compliant.  The thing with yogurts is tho that they're often used as a meal replacement and not part of a template meal - how were you planning on using these?  Also, if you have a huge yogurt 'thing' in which you cannot see yourself not being able to have yogurt for 30 days (kind of getting that from the 'buy 10 and rejoice' comment, you may want to set these aside for the duration of the program.  Additionally, nuts and their products are recommended to be limited (think a closed handful of whole almonds every other day at most), so again, these will not be your best choice as they're a nut based product.

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8 hours ago, autonomya said:


I just read your response. May I know why the vanilla flavor is not compliant?



Because it has vanilla extract which is derived using alcohol.

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