Accidentally ate soy and agave..has this undone all my hard work?


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I’m on day 10 of whole30- doing really well and no slips. My boyfriend and I heard of a paleo restaurant that also caters for whole30. We checked and checked again that what we ordered was whole30 compliant and we were confidently told yes. I later read the ingredients on their menu to discover that our shared Brussel sprouts were cooked in agave and soy, and his meal had feta cheese in it. What does this mean for our diet? Have we totally undone the past 10 days?? We can’t face starting over! Please help!

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You haven't undone your 10 days, you still spent that time eating healthy food.

In general we direct people to read this article and decide for themselves how to proceed: You might also just keep going for now and when you hit day 30 see how you feel about continuing on for another 10 days.

Is there any chance the restaurant changes ingredients up in a dish to make it whole30 if you specify that's what you want? So if someone just comes in and orders they get the one with cheese or soy or agave, but if you specify whole30 it's a sort of off-menu option that they make the changes? It seems unlikely but might be worth asking about if you didn't notice that the brussel sprouts tasted sweet and your bf didn't notice cheese in his dish. 


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