Any off-road motorcycle racers doing whole30?

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My husband and I are on day 8 of whole30 and we race off-road motorcycles (cross country/hare scrambles). The races are at least 1.5 hours and could go to 3+ hours depending on the race. 

Anyone else do this type of racing? Any tips for pre and post snacks? We use hydration backpacks with water for the race; typically do not fuel during race but are concerned about energy now that we’ve started whole30.  Race start times vary: could be anywhere from8am to 2pm. What about timing of meals/snacks if race starts at a normal meal time? Should I work backward from the race time to figure out ideal breakfast/lunch/pre-snack times?



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Do you find out what time the race starts before you go or are you expected to sit around and wait anywhere between 8 and 2?  I assume they give you some sort of advance notice so if you find out at 11 that the race starts at 12, then I'd eat lunch before.

I'm not up on off road motorcycle racing but I would imagine it's like any other scheduled event where you would want to bring food in a cooler (you can google 'whole30 brown bag lunch' 'whole30 picnic' etc... to get ideas for this and then otherwise, since the goal is to eat a template meal every 4-5 hours, depending on the schedule of the day, you'd adjust slightly to make that timing happen.  It shouldn't be a big deal if a race is 3 hours if you are planning appropriately to make sure that you don't start the race 4 hours after your last meal and then run a 3 hour race if that makes sense?

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