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Day 12 - wowza!

Lorna from Canada

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What a great weekend - super sunny camping in our Airstream in the snow. -10C but so much blue sky! Love me some blue sky in January. We did have to leave paradise and take our trailer to the dealer because a squirrel had made a nest on the bathroom towels - 4 hours of driving and 4 hours of sitting in the dealership while they plugged all possible entry points under the trailer. This kind of frustration usually leads both of us to mindless eating - especially since our dealership always has a group lunch on Saturdays to which we are always invited. Even pre-W30, Steven and I generally eschew processed foods in our diet but, sitting in our dealership on a Saturday usually means we succumb to whatever's on offer. Not this time - all that grocery store prepared lasagna, cheese bread and drenched salad looked really, really unappetizing. For the first time ever, I headed out to the trailer and found the leftover mexican inspired chicken I had made for the previous night's lettuce wrapped tacos, added some stock to it and made soup. It was a delicious lunch. We were sated and high fived ourselves.

The secret to turning down food and moving on is remembering that you do move on. There were no lingering memories of lasagna and cheese bread - by the time we were back in paradise making a delicious dinner, all thoughts of our dealership's offerings were long gone. Sometimes you just have to remember ahead. This isn't going to make a difference to me 2 hours from now.

Dinner Saturday night:

Compliant lamb sausages; ghee garlic green beans;  thyme roasted carrots and parsnips; oven roasted brussel sprouts, roasted red pepper and avocado sauce - now that's food!



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Great willpower! I think you made a good point about moving on. I can't even remember which things I was yearning for just yesterday! What good is quick, fake food when you can spend some time and make something delicious with your own hands? 

Also, I'm very jealous of your camping! I would love for my next big purchase to be a small camping trailer, but life always gets in the way somehow. Anyways you're going fantastic and keep up the momentum!

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