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Spotting and curious


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Is there any scientific information about diet changes making you spot (or have a period) when you're on the pill. I take 3 pill packs in a row and then have a period.  I'm at the end of the 2nd pack now and I've been spotting for about 5 days or so.  Very, very light, but definitely there.  In the past I've done low-carb/keto/paleo type diets and the same happens every time I cut carbs.  I'm curious what the key to that is.  Is it something specific that I've cut out that might be the culprit to bring this on?  I swear it makes me want to just have some pizza. I won't of course, I'm doing really well and feeling strong - but I definitely know that something about carb cutting causes this.  I suspect it's grain-related because on the other low-carb/keto diets I still ate plenty of dairy.  Just curious if anyone else has found information.  I brought it up to my doctor and she looked at me like had 3 heads...so either she isn't well-read, or I'm imagining things...

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This has been discussed at length on this forum and specifically in the subforum you posted in 'ladies only'.  Usually breakthrough bleeding or spotting is caused by an adjustment of hormones which happens when we change our diet.  The easiest way to look things up on this forum is by google so you could google 'whole30 spotting' 'whole30 period' 'whole30 menstrual cycle' etc.... 

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