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This happened to me around Day 3, I realized a meat stick I had, had honey in it. So frustrating but don't let it get to you! No Whole30 is perfect, and you're doing great

Day One achieved! Had herbal tea after dinner, feeling good!

My flippin pressure cooker carked it when I was making stew, so the stew is in the slow cooker overnight, and we had steak with steamed brussels, brocc, cauli, asparagus and carrots tossed with pesto.

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15 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

Day 10!! Double digits!

So 10 days in, a few observations:

  • I'm sleeping so so so well. Falling asleep very fast, and even though the alarm is painful, once I'm awake, I'm actually awake. I'm not getting mid-afternoon sleepies either.
  • I'm not struggling with food. I'm being inventive, trying new things. I am spending WAY too much time thinking about food though, but that's pretty much par for the course for me, when I have a new challenge.
  • I'm stunned that I'm not struggling with alcohol - not because I have a dependency or anything, but I am a social drinker and the hubster hasn't given up weekend beers and I thought it would be more of a struggle to not join him.
  • My digestive system and IBS symptoms haven't settled as much as I'd hoped but they have definitely improved, and its only 10 days in. Months of irritation won't be cured in 10 days.
  • I think my skin is better - The dry skin around my face seems to have cleared up, and it's a lot softer.
  • I think I've lost weight - no weighing or measuring but the non-stretch shirt I wore yesterday fit better than it did 2 weeks ago.
  • I haven't had heartburn or needed antacids since I started! This is huge! I have had chronic heartburn for years and take either Nexium daily (when I remember) or chew Rennies like candy. I thought it was triggered by fat but I'm eating more deliberate fat now than ever before (I'd never saute veg in oil before now) but no heartburn


You're doing so well! All these improvements are really impressive! I hope your digestive/IBS symptoms settle by the end of the 30 days. That would really be something to celebrate. I wonder what your heartburn problem is. I suppose it would have to be something you eliminated. I hope you figure it out in your reintroduction.

Keep on keepin on! You've got this!

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Thank you!! It was really eye-opening to put it all on the page like that!

We're going into a long weekend, another I thought that would be a struggle, but I'm feeling good. I'm sticking with the 'fancier' breakfasts for weekends, so it makes up for not going out like we usually do - I made a batch of fresh chorizo earlier in the week so tomorrow is chorizo, serrano ham, tomato, capsicum and mushroom omelettes with a side of wilted spinach.

Today, though, I'm working from home (mostly due to heat - it's 44c/113f here today!)  so the usual breakfast has changed.

Breakfast: 2 Poached eggs on sauteed broccolini and mushrooms with serrano ham crumble

Lunch: I might go to the fishmonger and treat myself to a Nicoise salad - seared tuna, baby potatoes, green beans, kalamata olives, romaine lettuce and homemade mayo

Dinner: Dunno, waiting for the hubster to register his vote :)

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Love your log - I probably should have kept my log to one thread - I just realized it's going to be hard to come back to when I do my next W30. Yes - there will be a next one - this has been amazing for me.

I, too, get heartburn from fat but, after 3 weeks, that has settled down quite a bit. Maybe it takes time to adjust to it? How are you doing with it now?  I think living through the "Fat is Bad - Fake Sugars are Good" era has taken a toll mentally. It's really hard to change those habits.

I like to cook and make interesting meals too - I think that really helps if you have a skill level in the kitchen beyond the basics.


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I completely agree, Lorna! I did my first 10 years of 'dieting' in the Weigh Watchers Fat n Fibre era, where the whole plan was to keep under 20g of fat a day and over 20g of fibre. That was literally the rules. Fake sugar was their idol! 

I'm doing really well with adding fat back in, I will admit possible not as much as they recommend - I don't eat avocado and rarely eat mayo, and while I like nuts I like them to fit with my meal rather than just adding them for the sake of it.

I agree, I think one of the reasons I'm doing well in this is that I already have such a varied pantry, I can make things very interesting without stretching too far!

Brunch today was a 2 egg omelette with sopressa ham, capsicum, spinach, and mushroom

Dinner is roast chicken with roasted broccolini, carrot, parsnip, zucchini and potato wedges 



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Fake is still the WW god of choice - I just spent a year on WW unable to budge an ounce of my menopausal gain. I almost gave up completely until I stumbled on Whole 30 at Christmas. The WW rage now is 2 ingredient, 2 point bagels - essentially flour and 0% Greek yogurt - gah...  In 24 days on W30 I've lost my double chin, my pants are loose and I can see ribs again. I'm really thinking ahead now as we finish W30 on Feb 1 and I begin the long trek to Adelaide on the 3rd (I live in Toronto - 3 flights, 25 hours in the air, 30 hours of travel) Add to it that I live with my seriously carb addicted and diet adverse daughter and her husband while I am there for 9 weeks - this will be a challenge. I'm up for it. I'm thinking about just reintroducing wine for 10 days until I get over the jetlag then starting my re-intro. You've done this before -  what do you think of that plan?

Sorry to hijack your log :)

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That's a heck of a long flight!!

This is my 1st W30. but your plan sounds good to me! It's so easy to stay compliant here, and the weather is lovely for salads and and jet lag could totally mess with reintro if you're not sure if you're feeling foggy or yuck because of jetlag or something you ate!

Today we had fresh chorizo patties for breakfast - not a fan of the recipe I used. It had apple cider vinegar and it's weirdly tangy. I'll try another recipe, though, cos I love chorizo!


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Day 14!!

Public holiday here, but I got up early, went and did Week 1 Day 1 of Couch 2 5k, then did my weights circuit! I feel very accomplished.

Breakfast/Brunch - Leftover mexican beef mince from last weekend (froze the surplus) with sauteed mushrooms, green beans and spinach

Dinner: Lamb chops with mashed sweet potato, broccolini and green beans with pistachio dukka and a spinach, rocket and beetroot salad with oil and balsamic

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Day 15!! Half way there!!

Today's food:

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with The Good Spicy Kraut and a wedge of hot smoked salmon

Lunch: Chicken veggie soup made with stock from a whole chicken (so kind of bone-broth?), celery, carrot, cauliflower, broccolini and tomatoes

Dinner: Lemon & Almond crusted fish with grilled sweet potato, broccolini, wilted spinach and a rocket and beetroot salad with balsamic and oil

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Still a bit funky in the tummy this morning - I wonder if it was the tomatoes? It's odd that I had heartburn then an upset stomach all in one day.

Anyway - Day 16!!!

Breakfast: 2 poached eggs with The Good Spicy Kraut and a wedge of hot smoked salmon

Lunch: Leftover roast pork with coleslaw made with a mayo, apple cider vinegar, dill, chilli and garlic dressing

Dinner: No idea! Will update when inspiration hits. Maybe steak. 

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First eating out challenge today! I have lunch with the bosses, at a rather nice Italian place. I'm going to order Grilled Silver Dory with Oven Roasted Pepperonata of Capsicum, Potato, Eggplant, Zucchini & Tomato. I'll ask for the fish to be grilled without butter or flour of any kind.

I'm a bit nervous about it but I'm just going to do my best. 

Not sure on dinner, I'll think about it once I get through lunch!


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Changed my mind!!

I'm getting the Ocean Trout Lightly Smoked in house with Black Tea Leaves, with Salad of Finely Sliced Radish and Julienne Spring Vegetables. I'll tell them to hold the lemon mayo (it has sugar, I checked) and just give me wedges of fresh lemon and some olive oil.

That just seems safer and more likely to be compliant, I'm worried about butter and sugar in the Pepperonata.

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Well, I went to lunch and had the smoked trout salad, no mayo, just with olive oil and lemon wedges - the chefs actually dressed it in lemon and oil for me and it was lovely! I had a sneaking suspicion there was butter on top of the fish from the look of it, BUT it didn't taste like it and didn't feel like it (I snuck a quick swipe of my finger across it). So I think I stayed compliant! Had sparkling water and ended with a long black coffee 1f642.png:)

Now I need to think of something for dinner - I'm thinking pork chops :)



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Day 18!! I'm really doing it!!

Yesterday's lunch was really the only challenge I have for this month, and I feel like I passed a test getting through it.

I also mentioned to my husband last night - I don't have vertigo. I can't quite pinpoint when it stopped but I know I haven't had it for days - for context, I have been plagued by chronic vertigo for almost 2 years, which no one (2 neuros, one neuro-opthamologist, an ENT, 3 GPs) could diagnose a cause for save for "vestibular migraine". I was put on medication for it which totally removed my "Not hungry" signals and led to binging and between the meds, and not being able to exercise due to feeling like I was on the Gravitron 24/7 I gained like 80lbs. 

I changed meds a few months back, which literally overnight stopped the binging (seriously, I went from 5 meals a day plus snacks (I'm talking whole blocks of chocolate, bags of lollies etc) to actually forgetting to eat) and started actually stopping the vertigo. When I started W30 I was still getting it a couple of times a day, especially when stressed, and now it's gone. This would definitely (to me) point to the vesibular migraines being food triggered, which fits with my long history of food triggered migraines (albeit that the ones I used to get were 'real' migraines triggered by lactose, duck eggs, msg, red food colouring, pecans, whatever the hell my body decided it hated that week...).

So there's that! Yay!

Today's food: 

reakfast: 2 poached eggs with The Good Spicy Kraut and a wedge of hot smoked salmon

Lunch: Leftover roast pork with coleslaw made with a mayo, apple cider vinegar, dill, chilli and garlic dressing

Dinner: Serrano ham wrapped chicken thighs stuffed with jullienned carrots and celery in a tomato and basil sauce, with grilled broccolini and a rocket, radish, spinach, cucumber and toasted pine nut salad with balsamic and oil

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That's awesome news about the vertigo! I had labrynthitis (acute vertigo) once and it lasted for its typical 6 weeks before abating. Thought I would go mad in that time. 2 years must be a nightmare! It's interesting when a symptom abates on this program to analyse what's going on - I get that that is the whole purpose, but still - what exactly is the connection between your diet and vertigo? That's going to be interesting to find out I think.

Day 30 here - when I started I was hoping for so much. I'm don't know if I've gotten everything I wanted from 30 days - looking forward to my little famjam meeting later to discuss it.



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I'm thinking that the connection will be that the vertigo was caused by vestibular migraine, and the migraines are caused by some food or another. Though knowing my body, it's anyone's guess (I'm a classic for reactions and symptoms that just make no sense - I'm allergic to an ingredient they put in "non-allergenic" cosmetics to replace a common allergen, for goodness sake).

Weekend again!!

I'm REALLY not struggling with the alcohol, which is actually my biggest surprise. It was just such an ingrained part of the weekend, work even opens the 'bar' at 5pm on a Friday and everyone heads to the staff room for a drink. But, I'm just not. 

Brunch today: Potato, capsicum, spanish onion and mushrooms cubed tossed in oil and Old Bay and roasted with complaint beef sausage, tossed with baby spinach and rocket and topped with an egg fried in duck fat.



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