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Lunch: Pesto chicken with roasted veggie medley and baby spinach

Dinner, I have people over and wanted quick, easy but somewhat nice, so:

Pressure cooker pork carnitas 
Homemade pico de galo
Vegetable fajitas
Pick and mix adds of lettuce, red onion

Additional for the non-compliant folk:
Refried beans
Cheese and sour cream

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Yesterday was not a great day - All I had was a Carnita, lettuce, salsa and Peri Peri mayo salad, and then a bunch of leftover Carnitas later on, and too much wine. Not an epic, horrid amount, but more than I have had since last year. I'm not hungover today, so it wasn't THAT much, But I feel badly about it.

Today, lunch was grilled flank steak topped with chimmichurri, grilled kohlrabi, steamed broccoli and asparagus on baby spinach with Peri Peri mayonnaise.

Really not sure on dinner yet. 



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Dinner ended up being the lamb and grilled sweet potato, but with sauteed green beans and carrots in pesto, and steamed cauli and brocc with pistachio dukkah :)


Lunch: Green thai chicken curry per the above

Dinner: I feel like a stew of some description. I'm not sure what, though. Maybe a beef stew. 



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Got home late so dinner was an omelette with the last salmon pattie broken up in it, mushroom, capsicum, and sundried tomatoes.

Had wine last night, too much if I'm to be honest 

So, so happy it's the weekend. I'm going to make some food this weekend, thinking Italian sausage, and I have a piece of bacon that needs smoking. 


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Forgot my lunch!!

So I hit the supermarket and ended up having a 2 egg omelette with 3 yolks (double yolker!) with pink salmon, mixed with superfood slaw and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil, with a bit of hot sauce. 

Dinner.... hmm.... dinner, hey? No idea. It's Friday and I like to get creative on Friday, but on the other hand... laaaaazy :)


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Last night's dinner - steak, potato salad with baby potatoes, dill pickles, boiled eggs, jamon, mayo, seeded mustard and fresh dill


Brunch today: Shakshuka!

Lunch: Leftover potato salad.

Dinner: Turkey drums, mashed potato, pumpkin, parsnip, calariac and ghee with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and turkey gravy :)

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