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Sad to read that you're sick :( - I feel like I dodged a bullet getting out when I did as the landlords were both getting colds as I was packing up.

Thai Green Curry for breakfast sounds awesome! Hubs and Gee depleted the store of freezer meals while I was gone (as was expected - I would've been irritated had I come home to find the freezer full!), and there only a few non-compliant things in there now. Need to get over this jet-lag and get cracking on my restock.

How are you doing otherwise? Your meals continue to sound amazing - how's the FFF going though? I am happy to be back 100% W30 although I did great for 7/9 weeks I was away and felt so good then. I certainly didn't achieve full FFF if the final 2 weeks were an indication. sigh Still, returned home to try on some things that haven't fit well for a couple of years and they fit so - yeah. I'm not going to get on the scale. I still want to lose weight so I can return to running confidently but I'm hoping my body will let me know withoug having to weigh in.

Anyway - wanted to check in to see how it's going - how's the vertigo for example? How's your weight loss going? You know, all the insider news.

Cheers mate!

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Aside from the sickness, I'm trucking along. FFF is... well, I'm not there yet but I'm still reintroing slowly. I can solidly say I have reintroed soy, and legumes, and dairy here and there all with nothing terrible happening. Haven't reintroed grains properly, certainly not gluten grains, but I think that will come. We're away in Bali in 3 weeks and then it's going to be a bit of a free-for-all.

Yay for the clothes fitting!! I'm about 42lbs down, which is nice. Loving shopping in my closet. 

No vertigo!! I'm so happy to be rid of that. 

I have to say, I'm truly enjoying the way I'm eating and the way I'm losing weight, so happy to keep eating mostly compliant for the time being. Too much wine is sneaking back in, I need to get on top of that. 

I need to food prep as well! I can imagine that the jetlag will be kicking your butt a bit but it's also great to get back on track when you're already out of a routine :)

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Sounds like you're doing well. Congrats on the weightloss! 42lbs is a significant achievement and a great stride forward in health gains.

I don't know that any one food group bothers me (except wine - I've actually gotten used to not drinking now - so weird) but, combine a few together in an unhealthy way and it's gastric chaos. After this W30 I intend to reintroduce things more strategically to see if I can pinpoint what's going on.

Hope you're feeling better! Today is the day I know my jetlag will begin to release its hold on me... can't wait. Tonight will be my last drug aided sleep so, here's to feeling 'normal' again soon.

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I ate fruit cake last night. I'm not proud of it lol, but I felt garbage and just wanted it. Good news is, I don't appear to have had a bad reaction. But I need to get back on track now!

I'm gonna have some tuna salad for lunch, because I forgot it existed and now I want some.

Dinner, I'll think of something... 

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Ok, so the flu kicked my ass, physically and mentally, and let to baaaaaad choices.

Saturday night we ordered chinese - I got a roast pork omelette. Woke up at 3:30am with heartburn that felt like I was dying. Fir the first time since I started W30 I had to take a bunch of antacids. Finally got back to sleep, sort of, then was nauseous all day. So was my husband! 

Yesterday was not compliant, curried pumpkin soup, tuna salad and pork with mashed potato (dairy), broccolini, sweet potato and peas. No real reason I decided to have non-compliant dinner, I was just in total "F-it" mode. 

So I'm bacl to compliant til Thursday, but my mom is over for Easter and I'm guessing that will go out the window again. I'm going to try to stay low carb, at least... 

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Yikes - you've really been battling illness for a long time now! Hope it's coming to the end and that you're feeling better Schrod. Being sick is the worst.

I was in major F-it mode today when I realized I'd been eating chickpeas all week - given how awful my gut has felt (and a return of heartburn too), I think legumes are a problem for me. So much for my second W30 - back to the starting gates for me. Add in my jetlag and my annual back to winter - ugh - depressing state of mind - this has been a rough day. I don't even have anything halfway decent to eat and it's too wet and cold to go out to get something (uber eats doesn't deliver where I am right now). This food freedom and taking care of our bodies business is hard work! 

Okay - tomorrow is another day. I'm doing a road trip with a colleague who is also a good friend so, should be fun. 

Here's to both of us having a better time of this moving forward.


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Here's definitely to a better time! I feel awful today, tail end of the flu, crappy food choices, and I freely admit too much wine over the weekend in my misery. I think it is the cause of my vertigo. So SIGH, out it goes. 

I should do another mini-round until we go away, it's just going to be so hard with my Mom visiting. I'll be as close as possible. 

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I've had bugger all sleep, so I'm cranky and tired and that always makes it hard, but I'm determined to not make myself more cranky. Plus, my digestive system threw a total hissy fit  last night, I assume as a response to me mistreating it over the weekend, so I need to behave under threat of punishment.

Food planned for today:

Meal 1: Spicy kraut and eggs

Meal 2: Tuna salad in celery

Meal 3: Chicken and something. brussel slaw went down a treat and it's warm again today, so probably that. Maybe dukkah roasted chicken thighs, slaw, and sauteed carrots and broccolini.


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Forgive my intrusion here Schrod but it sounds to me like you and I are struggling with the same thing... what truly makes something "worth it"? Like 

15 hours ago, SchrodingersCat said:

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

just doesn't cut it, does it? I ate TWO giant chocolate cupcakes (delicious) AND a creme brulee in a single day at my work event last week because "it seemed like a good idea at the time". Like you, my stomach (and entire digestive tract) rebelled in the most painful and regretable way for the next 24-36 hours... NOT WORTH IT. 

In this W30, I am focussing ALL my attention on what would make giving up this peacful, restful (slept like a goddess again last night on W30 2.1 Day 6), beautiful pain free life afterwards worthwhile? I don't think pizza OR chocolate cupcakes OR creme brulee are going to make the cut.

I still don't know, but am enjoying trying to figure it out.


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