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How am I still hungry?!

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Hi all,

So the past several days I'm just finding myself so hungry in the morning after breakfast.

I usually eat breakfast around 8:30am. And then I feel starving at 11:30am. And yes, the kind where fish and broccoli sounds good.

I've done pretty well with not snacking in the afternoon (which is actually my normal before the diet).

The past few days I've had a hash of sweet potato, chorizo, kale, bell pepper, onion, zuchinni and yellow squash (delish btw). Maybe about a fist full of this hash.

A few days I added a half an avo.

Am I really just not eating enough? I think my body is also not used to me eating breakfast.

I used to just eat a bagel after I got to work so now I'm really focused on eating down and being relaxed while eating before going to work (which I love this habit and hope it stays with me).

Also worried my snacks aren't full enough of what I should be getting out of the snack. Morning snack usually is an apple, almond butter, and a mini beef stick if I'm really hungry.

Any thoughts? I feel like I'm having fats but maybe not enough. Maybe the large portion to me isn't as large as I think it is? Maybe my body isn't used to eating breakfast? I really don't want to rely on having a cup of coffee to keep me full.

Or maybe this is just all normal and my body just requires an extra mini meal!

Any thoughts help! I'm learning what works for me :)

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A fist full of a veggie and sausage hash isn't nearly enough food.  Have you seen the meal template?  It asks for 1-2 palms of protein (the thickness, width and depth of your own palm) plus a plate full (think 1-3 cups) of veggies and added fat (half an avocado is a great choice!).

If you're needing to eat snacks, it's a tell that your meals are not large enough.  The goal is to get 4-5 hours between meals without needing to snack.  In the meantime, try fat and protein for a snack (hardboiled egg and mayo or some leftover meat and guacamole instead of the fruit).

If you're undereating your other meals also, then you're likely to feel hungry all the time - maybe list out what you eat for your other meals and we'll see what stands out.

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