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1st time firefighter, 2nd time Whole30er - Start Date 1/16/2019


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Hi all!

I am going into the fire academy next month and wanted to up my nutrition ahead of time. I did Whole30 with my husband between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve 2017 because I was expecting to begin training in February 2018 but, as luck would have it, my class got pushed back a whole year. No worries, though! I am excited to get started. The first time, we had one another as a support but this time I'm going it alone so I joined the forum. I just got married January 4th, so you can bet I'm feeling sluggish after all the holiday and personal celebrations - the last time I remember having a particularly difficult time with sugar cravings and eating too much fruit. I am hoping that being a part of this community will help keep me on track. 

- Rachel

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