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Days 13 and 14 - not so great...

Lorna from Canada

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Everything is going well W30 wise - half way through and cravings are irrelevant. As my daughter said, "when everything you want to eat is on the 'no' list, you have no choice but to move on". Couldn't agree more.  Came home to make dinner last night and grabbed a giant carrot to nosh on instead of all the usual bad options. So, W30 is chucking along. My hunger is really manageable and my pants are loose and I'm sleeping so well it defies belief! Tomorrow is half way and, like my Day by Day says, I can see the end looming.

Unfortunately, I've got some serious health issues cropping up. Namely, my asthma has really kicked into high gear. I've developed chest discomfort that is waxing and waning and only marginally responding to ventolin. So, off to see my doctor today and she put me on a steroid inhaler so, hopefully things will settle down in a few days. I'm not convinced that this has anything to do with the W30 experience because I do have more trouble with asthma during the cold weather and this has been a particularly cold, dry one. I had some increased asthma symptoms before starting W30 so, I don't think this is related BUT it is really frustrating to be doing something because you want to feel better and to feel worse. So, I'm really frustrated and pissed off. It's taking some effort not to be prematurely disappointed in the W30 results - even though we're not even 1/2 through and I shouldn't be expecting results. So rational mind is having a good heart to heart with emotional mind and, things will look better tomorrow.

But, rant over - I will carry on. Instead of being irritated, I am going to breathe in my steroids and be thankful for them.

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