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Day 18 - I think...

Lorna from Canada

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Yes, losing track of days! What a weekend - helping out our Airstream dealer at the Toronto RV Show and surrounded - I mean SURROUNDED! by junk food - so many candy bars and  snack packs of processed food - rolls of mints and bags of gummy bears. Chocolate all over the place, Doritos smelling up the place. 

Nothing. Not even tempted! They did have almonds (yeah!) and small bags of plain potato chips (potatoes, oil, salt) so I didn't starve when I forgot my lunch but, truth be told, I wasn't really that hungry. Passed on an opportunity to go to our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner (amazing wine list...) and came home to cook a chop and roast a pile of veg. Feeling really good about it too!

Goal for the remaining 12 days is to eliminate snacking. I have a tendancy not to eat enough at meals and get hungry before dinner - going to work on that this week. I do find I am not nearly as hungry as I was 10 days ago so, this should be doable.

No tiger blood - maybe it's coming? I'm still missing my wine even though I'm pretty sure the alcohol is messing with my sleep. Can't believe we're all well over the hump!


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