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Heidi's Whole 30 Log


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Day 1 today.

Bloated from holiday eating and drinking overkill.  Time to get it together. Feeling tired, unmotivated, bloated, and totally addicted to sugar!.  This will be my 3rd whole 30 and know within a week I will feel much improved!!

Menu for today:

PreWO- hard boiled egg and cashews

Breakfast/Post workout- 2 fried eggs, sweet pototoes, roasted broccoli

Lunch: chopped salad and nom nom paleo pork cabbage soup

dinner:  Chicken. bacon, hard boiled egg chopped salad with tessemae ranch dressing



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Day 2

Feeling pretty good today.  A little tired, very hungry, and some sugar cravings.  Taking things one day at a time. If I think toward the weekend or toward Super Bowl parties I freak myself out.  So trying to keep mind on present.  

Todays food:

Breakfast: 6:00am - two eggs over easy, one bacon, 1/2 TJs green juice, roasted sweet potatos and broccoli, lots of coffee with nutpods and collagen powder.

Lunch: 11:00- pork cabbage soup, salad with tessemaes ranch (did not have enough protein here and was hungry within a few hours)

snack1:  2:00- grassfed beef stick  

snack2: 4:00- cashew butter, 1/2 apple, hardboiled egg, 2 small bacon slices (very hungry here!!)

Dinner: 6:15- chicken breast sauteed in ghee, roasted potatoes broccoli, peppers on a bed of greens with tessemaes caesar dressing.  

Tomorrow's goals:

  • more protein at lunch to stay full
  • only one snack between lunch and dinner.
  • workout at Orangetheory tomorrow even though I hate the thought of going there right now.  
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Day 3 and 4 (forgot to post yesterday) . Still going strong.  Feel amazingly well. Don't want to kill all of the things yet.  Have a ton of energy and worked out like a maniac today.  Can tiger blood come this early?  The weekend is approaching and that's always the toughest. 

Day 3 food:

6:00: Breakfast: sweet potato broccoli hash, 2 eggs, 2 bacon, coffee and collagen powder and nutpods. 1/'2 green juice

10:50: Lunch: leftover chicken breasts, roasted veggies, and greens, with tessemaes ranch (bigger lunch today... less hungry later)

4:00 snack: beef stick

6:00 Dinner: pulled pork, coleslaw, sweet potatoes

7:30: apples with cashew butter (shouldn't have eaten these.... was a little hungry after dinner... not enough protein.  Also, I wanted the tanginess of the apple)


Day 4:  I decided to skip breakfast today to see how it would affect my hunger.  I hate eating so early in the morning, and my lunch break is at 10:30.  When i eat breakfast, I am not hungry at lunch, but if I don't eat lunch I would not be able to eat until 2:30 (teacher life) and then I'm crazy starving.  So today, I experimented.

Breakfast: coffee, collagen, 1/2 green juice

Lunch:  leftover pork, coleslaw, sweet potatoes and 1/2 meat stick.  (hungry at lunch, but not hangry-- it was very manageable)

3:45 Snack (pre workout): 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/2 apple, cashew butter, 2 slices bacon

6:30 Dinner: chicken wings with large salad

I think I can get away with skipping breakfast, if I eat a bigger snack in the afternoon.  Since I worked out today, I may be hungrier tomorrow morning and will listen to my body to determine if breakfast is necessary.  

Tomorrow's goals:

  • get  a facial
  • stay focused 
  • don't cave to peer pressure-- booze
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Day 5

Very sore from working out yesterday.  Did legs and cardio.  Body feels tired and dragging.  Also getting a cold AGAIN.  In addition, my face is breaking out along my jawline.  Must be detoxing or something.  Hunger was minimal today.  Upped protein and fat at each meal and was able to eat 3 meals without snacking.  Read through my Day to Day Whole30 book and last year at this phase of Whole30 I was still intensely craving sugar and my snacks were high carb- RX bars, nuts, mango strips... no wonder!  I am so happy that I ditched the RX bars this round for grassfed meat sticks from Costco.  Makes a difference in hunger and cravings.  


6:00; Breakfast (ate it today bc I woke up starving): 2 eggs, 2 bacon, roasted veg, collagen coffee

10:45 Lunch: large salad, leftover chicken, tessemaes dressing

2:00- Meat stick... I guess I did snack

4:00- Hot tea with collagen powder

6:30- two eggs, roasted sweet potato, chicken wings, coleslaw... a leftover hodgepodge.  


Goals met today: facial, no peer pressure, and focused on my progress.  Woohoo

Tomorrow's goals:

Don't drink (It is Saturday) buy sparkling water and put it in a wine glass

Be productive around the house- laundry, cleaning, meal planning

Hang out with family-- game night


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Day 6- Saturday

Weekends are difficult.  It's cold, boys had sleepover so hubs brought donuts.  I did not eat them.  Later in the evening went to the neighbors where everyone was drinking... I drank la croix and had a few pineapple slices... which made me want to eat all of the carbs.  So in the future, I will not eat pineapple.  On a positive note, I stuck with the program and didn't mind not drinking.  My food for the day was a little wonky.  I realize that I do a much better job keeping my meals balanced and keeping my hunger balanced when I am on a tight schedule.  I get lazy on the weekends where the schedule is very flexible.  

8:00 Coffee collegan and green juice

12:00: Brunch- 2 eggs, sweet potatos and spinach, 3 bacon

4:00: Snack- plantains, cashew butter, apple, tea with collagen powder... probably should have had a meat stick or hard boiled eggs here.  

6:00- carmelized onions, sauteed peppers and spinach, applegate hotdogs with mustard (was in the mood for a hotdog)

8:00- pineapple slices.

Tomorrows plan:

grocery shop

meal prep- veggies, bacon, hard boiled eggs, chili


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Day 7 Sunday... boy was it a doozy.  Not really, but I was so tired, craved sugar ALL day, and really wanted to throw in the towel.  Making grilled cheese sandwiches for my boys, just about killed me... well, no, but I kept reaching for the leftover cheese-laden crusts to take a bite before I remembered that I could NOT ruin the last 6 days of  progress.  Today felt like day 2 rather than day 7.  Upon looking at the calendar, I realize that PMS is to blame for my cravings and tiredness... so just have to get through the next few days to feel normal again. 

Todays food- wasn't the greatest

8:00- coffee with collagen

11:00 Breakfast- two eggs, bacon, spinach, sweet potatoes

2:30 Lunch- leftover Hot dog salad with avocado and mustard

4:00- large teaspoon cashew butter (craving)

6:30- nomnom paleo's smothered pork chops with cauliflower puree

7:30- apple with cashew butter (didn't need this, but had it)



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Day 8- Felt much better. Less tired, more motivated, no cravings.  Sitting here eating a big bowl of meat (well, chili from Whole30 slow cooker cookbook) after my OTF workout, thinking that 2 weeks ago I'd be sitting here eating a bowl of popcorn and feeling like I needed to chase that with some chocolate chips.  Today, I am perfectly content with my bowl of meat.  I guess that is a NSV! Eight days has done wonders, it amazes me on how short of a time your body/brain can switch from wanting sugar to wanting fuel.  Feels pretty awesome.  

Okay enough gushing... the post-workout endorphins make me a little giddy. Here's my food for the day:

It was a snow day so breakfast was late.

8:00 Collagen coffee

10:00 Breakfast: chicken sausage and roasted veggies with 2 eggs.

2:30 Lunch: Egg salad with romaine lettuce

5:30 OTF workout

7:00 Dinner: Smokey sweet potato chili. page 90 slow cooker cookbook.  

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Day 9.  A few more NSVs today.  My wedding rings fit again.  Sweet cravings are almost nonexistent and hunger is manageable.  Not craving too many snacks.  Also feeling balanced, focused and energetic.  

No workout today.


6:00 am: 1/2 green juice, collagen coffee

10:30 Lunch: leftover smokey sweet potato chili

3:00: Meat stick and small apple

6:00: chicken sausage, egg, and roasted veggies



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Day 10-- According to the Day by Day book I should feel tempted to take bites and to quit.  I wanted so many bites today.  Stuck home in this Polar Vortex with 3 children who need to eat carbs is inhumane torture.  From the pancakes to the grilled cheese, and the popcorn to eat for the movie, I was ready to throw in the towel 3o times by noon... I didn't.  I ate too much fruit though, to compensate I guess. 

I worked out HARD at OTF.  Bench pressed 60 lbs with dumbbells which is a PR for me.  I have slowly been working my damaged shoulder for the last 6 months and gradually building up my strength.  So today's workout, between the bent over rows at 30lbs and benchpress at 60lbs, was very encouraging.  In the past, OTF workouts, which are very intense, have left me utterly exhausted for days.  Since starting Whole30, I feel more energized during and after each workout.  I was hungrier today, post workout and I tried to eat balanced whole 30 plates, but like I said, I had a container of cut up cantaloupe and kept reaching for it.... I should have grabbed more water instead.  Oh well...next time.

I'm feeling a little bored with my food... eating the same leftovers is wearing on me.... I cannot eat another bowl of chili!!!! So tomorrow, I'm going to mix it up and have some salads... my body craves salad with bacon, eggs, chicken, avocado... yum!

Also, Melissa mentioned in Day by Day that I should Treat my self..... so, uh, I bought an apple watch... what a treat!  I'm afraid to tell the hubs!  I've wanted one forever and I'm sick of not having one. I'm stuck inside and online shopping is sooo easy.  I work, make money, and I'm not eating dairy, grains, or sugar... so I deserve it... or I am substituting shopping for food... ugh, not going to touch that right now! 

Food for today:

8:00 collagen coffee

10:00- bacon and eggs 1/2 green juice, spinach

2:00- cantaloupe chili with avocado

4:00 more cantaloupe with 1/2 meat stick, handful cashews

6:00 paleo meatballs with spaghetti squash and compliant sauce

7:30- 1/2 apple with cashew butter (I was still hungry... probably didn't eat enough dinner... should have had hard boiled egg here)


no online shopping

less fruit

finish grade school paper


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