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How does ankle surgery on Day 11 affect my Day by Day? I'm tired on day 22

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I started the #januarywhole30 on the 1st and was really motivated and excited. I was also tempted to use surgery on the 11th as an excuse to quit or cave but i did not. 

I read that the opiods and NSAIDs could be problematic so I'm finally done with those. 

I also switched to the AIP w30 two days ago. So losing the eggs has helped already. 

But holy crap i have been lethargic as hell! I'm going into day 23.

Just wondering how much of a wrench surgery can throw into my w30 game?

Because while I'm reading DaybyDay and keeping up with my FB group....i feel left out, or like I'm not doing it right....or something. I've done w30 several times before, never finished, but i had super energy by like the 5th day of cutting out all the crap. 

I am healthy overall, trying to take into account the recovery process, and also trying to get some perspective. 

Considering making it a w60 just to allow recovery and AIP to work itself out....but holy crap man. I have zero energy to get up off the couch.

Thanks for listening. I'm sure i am being ridiculous and impatient but wanted to connect with someone who may have experienced something similar.

Much love,

Jackie :)


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Surgery is hard on your body. It's an injury that has to be recovered from, and that recovery will likely take longer than you realize. It's hard to say exactly how this will affect your whole30, but it makes sense that you will be more tired as your body focuses its resources on healing. 

During this time, be sure you're eating enough, get plenty of rest, and take it easy on yourself. It hasn't even been a full two weeks yet since your surgery, and while you're probably seeing any external incisions healing, it could take a little longer for the stuff you can't see to heal. 


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