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Shirataki noodles?

Tommy F

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The easiest way to look at whether or not a "noodle" is compliant is to see if it's made with flour. If a compliant food is ground into a flour (or pulp, etc.) and then formed into noodles (or other pasta, like gnocchi), it's not going to be compliant. If a compliant food is cut in a way that makes it noodle-like (like spiralized zucchini), then it's compliant as an ingredient... but could still be used to make non-compliant dishes, of course.

The difference is in whether it's a recreation or a substitution.

A recreation is something like shirataki noodles or paleo hamburger buns. A substitution is something like spiralized sweet potato or using giant mushrooms to hold your burger and fixin's. Most substitutions aren't going to give you the same texture, mouth-feel, or psychological connection that you get from the "real thing", especially not within the framework of Whole30 compliance... whereas recreations are attempting to "re-create" the experience of the non-compliant food.

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