Could I have an egg allergy/sensitivity?

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I am on Day 16 of my first round of Whole30. I decided to do Whole30 to find food sensitivities that are responsible for my eczema, gas/bloating, and diarrhea. Oats were a staple in my breakfast meal plan before I started Whole30. Without them, I've been consuming a lot more eggs than ever before in my life. On Day 9, my eczema flared up really bad, and a week later, it still isn't better. I am also experiencing some stomach distress. Could this be caused by an egg allergy or sensitivity? If so, how should I proceed (other than cut out eggs and see what happens).

The only other food I have been consuming more is almond butter.

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Either eggs or almonds could have these effects, or it could be something else, but since those are the things you've increased, it makes sense to start with those. The only way to figure out if they're affecting you would be to cut them out. You could choose one to remove or go ahead and remove both for at least a week and see what happens. I would think a week is enough time to get some results but it may take longer than that to really see full results. 

It may be that even if you are sensitive to either of these things, you could have them sometimes, you'll just have to figure out how often you can have them without them causing issues for you.

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