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Day 21 - 3 weeks in a first food dream

Lorna from Canada

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I had my first food dream last night - I was watching alligators chase after a bit of chicken meat (say what? I live in Canada - it's frozen here right now - no alligators here!) and, afterwards poured myself a lovely big glass of wine - white, cold, gorgeous. I stopped myself from drinking it in my dream! I actually woke up disappointed - it was a wasted opportunity to have a sip :) :) :) Instead, I set it down, said, "I don't know what I am thinking by opening that bottle!" and walked away. Can that be an NSV??? LOL

So, we're 3 weeks in and the end is in sight - I'm starting to really plan out the post W30 piece. Each of us (my husband, daughter and I) had different motivations for doing this W30 although I was the driver behind it. Now we'll need to tap into that motivation and the discoveries we've made and plan our way forward. I've decided that I do not want to reintroduce sugar and will reintroduce wine first - take that alligator dream! I'm also considering a careful reintroduction of grains - I miss oatmeal the most and wheat not at all. I am really curious to see about the impact of reintroducing dairy - that one could be interesting - my husband and I love cheese but I don't think it's our best ally going into our 60s... so much to think about and consider. Added to the challenge is that I leave for Australia on Feb 3 - we'll be 3 days post W30 then. I'll figure it out - best, maybe, to stay W30 during the long travel days - last year I was post gastroeneritis on my trip - awful experience. Once I'm in Australia, I will have plenty of fresh summer fare for a few months - excellent. Anyway - I will get that sorted!

My daughter wants to lose weight. She already has on the W30 - her face is thinner and her clothes are looser. She says she has a confidence about putting clothes on - she knows they will fit. She wants to carry on with a broader choices - I'm thinking an augmented dietary choice list like WW uses for their Simply Filling plan but with more healthy fats and less process foods. She thinks she could follow that like this if there were more choices than the W30 - she's tired of these dietary limits although is appreciating the results.

My hubbie wants to lose 5 lbs - same 5 lbs he started with :) He says his pants fit the same so he doesn't think he's making progress but I can see that his face is also thinner - his re-entry will depend on his final weigh in results. If he loses the 5 lbs he wanted to lose when he started this, I can see him wanting to lose another 5. Me, I'm thinking I'm not going to get on the scale at all. I know I've lost weight - I can feel it everywhere and my clothes are looser. Getting on the scale and seeing a number that doesn't jive with my perception could be a problem for me. What do you think? He, however, will definitely get on it - numbers matter to him.

So - Day 21 is in the bag save my final cup of tea of the day - hard to believe we've been eating this way for 3 weeks!


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