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Day 22 - my first restaurant trip on W30 coming up

Lorna from Canada

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Funny how this coincides with Melissa's Day by Day book recommendation that we socialize and get out there! That's a coincidence because this lunch was planned way before my W30! I'm not worried about it - I plan to eat before I go so I can survive on salad if that's all that is going to be compliant. I've never had a problem saying "no" to people's expectations that I eat - as an obesity survivor who lost 85+ over 5 years, (and maintained it for 8 before menopause reared its butt ugly head!), I'm used to saying "no thanks" and, probably more importantly, people in my life are used to me saying it! So - lunch out is happening - not gonna lie, I will want the wine :) Oh wine...

I'm discovering something unexpected though - I have trouble with some nuts! This morning I ate a handful of pecans with a banana and now my stomach hurts. Same thing yesterday with cashews and dates. I've been paying attention because I've noticed stomach pain on occasion and realized it was happening after I eat nuts - cashews and pecans primarily. Almonds don't seem to be a problem - I love almonds AND almond milk so, that's good! I haven't tested walnuts or pistachios. I can easily cut out pecans and cashews but will miss them :( - this stomach pain isn't worth it. I've suffered from IBS for 50 years and low FODMAP didn't make a difference. This, however, is an interesting discovery! Can't wait to see what re-entry is going to reveal - I will definitely be doing a slow roll.

Okay - that's it - off to meet my friends shortly... I'll report back.

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