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Day 5 of my first Whole30

matt thomas

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First off yesterday was actually day 4 not day 3 so today makes day 5. 


My headache is finally gone, which is amazing, i’m pretty sure I saw the Lord coming through my ceiling this morning when I woke up. Breakfast was the usual potato’s and chicken apple sausage, the way I smell things seems to have heightened because eggs smelled like death warmed over this morning so I skipped those. Lunch consisted of a lot of fruit and some broccoli, with cut up chicken in one of the best bbq sauces I have ever had, Primal Kitchen will be my new go to for bbq sauce even after this insanity is over. I don’t feel as tired as I usually do, a little more motivated today even though it’s so cold outside by the end of the day i’ll probably look like voldemort. Trader Joe’s pit stop on the way home tonight for weekend food supplies. Day 5, not to shabby so far. 

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