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I’m on day 26 and my skin has gotten progressively worse. My skin was never that bad and it looks worse than ever before, mainly on my chin. The other places where I don’t have breakouts, my skin definitely feels better but I am so confused by these breakouts, I never get these 

I was wondering if I could maybe have an issue with eggs? I HATE eggs. But I’ve been eating them every day because of whole30 - 2 a day and recently have had a dish with eggs in it (whole30 meatloaf). I never ever eat eggs in my normal life other than if it’s baked into something. 

Is it possible it could be the eggs? That’s the only thing I can think of.. 

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Eggs could definitely have that effect. Why don't you try cutting them out for a while and see if that helps? And then, if your skin clears up, maybe go back to just having them occasionally in other dishes.

You definitely do not have to eat eggs. I'm guessing you're eating them for breakfast most of the time, because that's what people do. Try to remember that there's no such thing as breakfast food, there's just food, and anything you eat at any other time of day works just as well for your first meal of the day. Here's a past discussion with some examples: 


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