Day 25 - for real

Lorna from Canada

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Melissa is right - by Day 24 you start forgetting what day you're on - it was Day 23 when I posted about Day 24 - oops

5 days to go - the end is definitely in sight. I've been calling my daughter 4-5 times a week to update her on what my Day by Day book says and we've had great discussions about it. Last night she called me because I hadn't done that for a few days - that was a great and encouraging surprise! She is feeling really good - much more energetic and confident than 25 days ago. My 29 daughter suffered from a rare autoimmune, neurological illness when she was 20 (ADEM - look it up if you want to feel anxious - it's awful) and has been left with a number of disabilities from it including visual impairment, anxiety and depression, chronic fatigue, executive function challenges and sensory challenges. She has gained a lot of weight in the past few years and spends a lot of time alone when shes not working - this new interest and energy makes me very, very happy and proud of her. ANYWAY - she's quite keen to carry on with a W30 way of life adding in a few non-compliant foods like hard cheese and some grains. We're working on a food plan to support her desire to stay on a healthy diet and continue to lose weight while I'm in Australia. I get that continuing on a strict food plan isn't "Food Freedom" but no one in our family is ready for Food Freedom quite yet.

Yesterday our Paleo neighbour popped by with a plate of blueberry scones - what a nice gesture! I love that W30 has given me a name for those things - "Sex With Pants On" indeed. I've never been a fan of SWPO food - and these scones were no exception - wasn't tempted at all. Made with heavy cream, sugar substitute and vanilla extract, (just like cave men would use... ;) ), they weren't compliant anyway and we ended up throwing them away. I'm not sure if that's the best option - do you refuse a gift from someone you don't know well who is making a  lovely gesture or toss it when they're gone?? Hmmmm. One way or another - it's a NSV for us.

This week I've learned of the deaths of 2 friends from High School - I'm only 59 - these guys are gone way too soon. It's a reminder of how important this health thing is - and living well and feeling good about yourself. Our time is limited - our options shouldn't be. We're attending a memorial for one of them this afternoon - it's in his favourite bar. We won't be hoisting any alcohol in a toast to him.









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Hi Lorna...just want to pop in and say hi and tell you that you are an encouragement to me!  My middle daughter has MS and has had a tough time...having a child of any age with  struggles is difficult.  I am 67 and going to my 50 year High School reunion this summer and so many of our fellow classmates have passed on...really does give you a wake up call!  I am only on Day 9 but doing ok.  Thanks for posting your encourages me to keep on keeping' on! : )



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@GigiBraun Glad you're doing okay! It's a hard thing this W30!

Yes, I will always worry more about my Gee than my other 2 kids. We are fortunate that we have the financial ability to support her that way but I really, really, REALLY just want her to have a fun, fulfilling life. sigh - so hard! I know you know exactly what I mean. 
Glad to hear you're doing okay - I can't believe how fast these days are flying by now - it did seem like it was going to be forever when we started. I'm in a really good place thanks to this process - things have really changed for me from a month ago - it would be hard to explain to someone else. 

Alrighty then - onward!!!

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