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Day 14 - very tired, weak and constipated :-(


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Hi everyone, I’m on day 14 and just wanted to ask for some feedback as I am feeling tired and having digestive issues for a week - sorry for the long post!

During the Wk1 I felt good, but during the last week I have felt increasing more and more tired. Today I woke up and feel exhausted but also like my muscles are heavy and weak. I am also having bad constipation, always bloated and really bad wind. Again this started about a week ago. I was regular until day 7, I then didn’t have a bowel movement until day 11 and have not had one since :-( Instead (here comes tmi) I sometimes get a lot of mucus and really foul smelling gas (like the worst thing you have ever smelt). Some days I’m so windy and if I’m in public I can’t let it out because it smells so bad but if I keep it in it gets very uncomfortable. Even if I go to the toilet to let it out it then smells terrible so it’s very embarrassing if someone goes in after me!

I do have celiac and I used to get the same digestive issues before I was diagnosed. I’ve now been GF for 2 years and it’s gone. Occasionally I’ve had mild constipation but this is by far the worst. I saw a dietician a couple of days ago (routine for my celiac), she mentioned I may not be getting enough fibre but I feel like I have s good amount of fiberous veg? She also suggested looking at the FODMAP diet after whole30 if I still felt like this, but looking at high FODMAP foods, those I eat now I have always eaten in similar quantities. 

I've listed below some of the meals I’m having and put some into my my sleep and activity levels if that helps. FYI I don't eat meat and I am 5'3 female weighing around 60 kilo 

Breakfast (usually the same)
- 3 eggs or tinned sardines (I alternate), sauted mixed veg (onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette) with fat (olive/coconut oil) and small amount of creamed coconut (the hard block), handful blueberries and cup of coffee

- 3/4 days a week: salmon, sauted or roasted veg ( such as kale, spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette, sprouts etc), small portion sweet/white potato (not everyday), half avo (most days)
- tinned tuna mixed with half an avo, lettuce, other cooked veg
- salad of lettuce, half avo, white fish, roasted tomatoes, coconut oil, lime juice and blueberries (sounds weird but tastes good!)
- Sometimes I have a banana after lunch

- 3/4 days a week: salmon, sauted or roasted veg ( such as kale, spinach, onions, mushrooms, peppers, courgette, sprouts etc), small portion sweet/white potato (not everyday), half avo (most days)
- seabass, lettuce with steamed veg (kale, aparagus, brocolli), dates, oil and roasted nuts, paprika oven baked white potatoes
- brazilian fish stew (white fish & prawns, tomatoes, coconut milk, onion,  garlic, peppers, spices)
- Occasionally have handful of grapes or banana after dinner, plus a herbal tea

I always feel full when I eat, don't snack or feel particularly hungry between meals. I feel I am adding generous amounts of oil to my food (ie 1-2 thumbs) and often to more than one source (ie the veg and the potatoes). I add salt to nearly all of my meals, am drinking lots of water (2+ litres a day). I cook all my veg (apart from the lettuce).  When it comes to potatoes I dont eat them everyday as my activities levels aren't so high, which brings us to...

Activity levels: I have never been a very active person, in the last  year particularly low. I am int he process of slowly increasing this but need to put  my focus on one thing (i.e. diet) as my brain can't deal with too much change. At the moment I am making the effort to walk more but its not such a big change.

Sleep: I have never been a great sleeper, for my whole adult life I have woken up 2-3 times in the night and never feel rested. I am also attempting a better routine at the moment. That said I am not sleeping  any more/less and don't feel my sleep has changed for the better or worse since starting the diet.

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Your meals look pretty good. Be sure you're having 2-3 cups of vegetables at each meal. Having a fist-sized serving of potato, sweet potato, or other starchy vegetable each day would be fine, and some people find having that with their last meal of the day helps with sleep, so it might be worth trying for a week or two just to see what happens.

You say you don't eat meat, but is the fish something you would normally eat or something you've added for whole30? If it's new, you might look into digestive enzymes to help your body get used to digesting it. 

Probiotics might help, you can get them through fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, or fermented vegetables, or you can try to find a supplement. 


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Thanks for the reply. I think my vegetables portions are 2-3 cups (probably more with some meals), this is based on the raw quantity though right? 

For the potatoes I do have them in the evening sometimes but will give it a go to have it with each evening meal and not for lunch and see what happens.

I ate fish regularly before whole30, at times with the same frequency so dont think my body is adjsuting to that.

I was thinking about trying probiotics, I did take some (Florajen3) for a few months when I was first diagnosed with celiac but didnt notice any difference with anything so stopped. Any recommendations of brands (available in the UK)? 

To be honest the tiredness bothers me slightly less as I have never been a person with a lot of energy and i can stil function ok, but the constipation and gas is driving me mad 



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