Osvaldo Aufiero

Raw celery, raw fennel, onions, garlic

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Hi all,

Can these kind of vegetables be eaten raw? 

I know I can chew them but are they actually healthy and nutritious like that?

The same with onions and garlic.

And why is it that we expel so much odor from them?


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You can eat them raw. Raw celery in particular is popular in raw vegetable trays at parties. Raw vegetables in general can be harder to digest for some people, which can result in gas and bloating. Sometimes this depends on how much is eaten, so some people can eat some raw vegetables and be fine, but large amounts don't work for them. If you experience discomfort after eating these vegetables raw, you have to decide if you like them enough to put up with the discomfort or if you prefer to cook them.

In general vegetables are healthy whether you eat them raw or cooked, so we recommend going with whatever way gets you to eat them consistently. 

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