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I do multiple workouts a day, so I'm confused on the best timing of pre/post workout meals


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On a typical day I wake at 5:30 and get to the gym for cardio or hiit at 6. I'm back home just after 7 and busy getting my 4 kids ready for school by 8.  On Tuesday and Thursday I teach insanity (group fitness hiit class) at 8:30 so I don't eat anything beforehand, and if I do, I try to keep it very small. I'm usually not home to eat until 10 or so.  I like to eat lunch around 12:30, so I eat a small breakfast. I have lunch around 12:30, and dinner around 5:30.  Once my kids are in bed, I usually go back to the gym for heavy lifting around 8:30-9:30. Once I'm home I usually go right to sleep since I try not to eat anything after dinner.  

My question is, do I really need a pre/post workout meal for each of these workouts? I'm 5'8 and usually 125-130 lbs, but with the holidays and taking a week long cruise, I'm up to 135-138.  I would like to be back in the 120s again by the end of the 30 days, so I don't want to eat too much.  

Any suggestions?

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Can I just clarify, you go to the gym at 6 AND you teach insanity at 830?  

If you're waking up at 5ish, you have time for a preworkout snack or even breakfast depending on what time you're working out.  On the days that you get home at 7am, you could eat something like a premade frittata or egg muffins while you're getting your kids ready... even if you wait until 8 to eat breakfast, it would be recommended to eat post workout after your workout regardless - that would be a few bites of lean protein and starchy carb.

If you eat at 8 once your kids are off to school, 1230 for lunch is right in the middle of our 4-5 hour recommendation for how long to go between meals so you don't have to eat a 'small breakfast' to eat lunch at 1230.  On the days you teach at 830, if you eat breakfast again while youre getting your kids ready, you're still right in the pocket of the recommended schedule.

After your heavy lifting we would also suggest eating a post workout meal, same as above, lean protein and starchy carb.

The answer is yes, when you're working out to this intensity, especially twice a day, you'll need to supplement your food with pre and post workout meals or you're going to be short on intake - also, it is counterintuitive but eating less to lose weight does not work in the long run and often not in the short run.  Whole30 is not a weightloss diet and we don't give recommendations or affirm suggestions where you eat less than is required to honor your body and what you're asking it to do on a daily basis in order to force weightloss in 30 days.

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