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Lorna from Canada

Day 28 - 2 days (+10) to go

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My husband, daughter and I started this thing 28 days ago - that seems surreal - 4 weeks! We have all been 100% committed to the process of it and it has not been easy. The 2 of them are finished in 2 days - I'm taking that extra 10 days to help with travel and jetlag etc but, I feel like 30 days will be a landmark for all 3 of us SO - 2 more days. We will celebrate with a discussion about our findings and a commitment to another plan moving forward. We've all gained so much (and, given the bagginess of our clothes - we've lost a lot too :) )

I'm particularly keen to see if 10 additional days will inspire more improvement in my chronic pain conditions. At the beginning of this journey, I was so anxious for a result in this area that I predicted I would be disappointed and demotivated if my SI joint pain didn't respond to dietary changes. Day 28 - it's not 100% better but, it is much easier to live with. I don't focus that much attention on it and - my personal motto of "pain is just pain" is still in play but NOW I think I actually believe it. It's just pain - it's related to a bunch of cascading injuries and overcompensation and all kinds of other things coming together to make it sore but, it's not the end of the world and I can live with it. So - if in 12 days I get more relief - it'll be bonus time but I have managed to become so much more psychologically healthy in these past 28 days that there will be no disappointment.

I'm not very hungry anymore. No cravings, no desperate desire to hunker down and clean out the fridge with my mouth. I really don't ever want to return to the feeling of being so absolutely out of control again.




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