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Pre workout near lunch time!

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Hey guys,

So o started working out everyday ate 1 p.m. Sometimes i have  lunch at 11 and a pre wo meal atr 12:40 1 egg and some avocado. But sometimes i can't have lunch at 11. If i have lunch at 12, I can't have a pre-workout meal, because im not hungry. So i tried not having lunch, jumped to my pre workout at 12:30 2 eggs or chicken ans a source of fat, tem right after i have my post wo meal, hit the shower and have lunch around 3:30 p.m.

What do you guys think??

What should i do?

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If you're having lunch that close to your workout you may not need a pre-workout meal at all, just have lunch. If you feel it's been long enough that you need a few bites of something befire your workout that's fine, but you may not need anything. 

If the delayed lunch worked better for you scheduling wise, it is also an okay option, but if it is more convenient to do lunch without the pre-wo, do that.

Pre-wo isnt really fueling your workout, and it tends to be most important for people working out first thing in the morning, or several hours after their last meal -- like if you hadn't eaten since lunch but were working out at the end of your work day, for instance. 

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