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First Whole30 Began Today


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So on a complete whim, and a bit too much web surfing, I came across sugar detox and whole30 last night. This was after eating too much, a sort of carb-overload--can't stop eating more carbs the more I eat- thing which included too many foil wrapped chocolates as well.

I already don't eat grains except the occasional basmati rice, and I barely eat any dairy. It's the sugar that will challenge me. I don't eat much meat because I have trouble sourcing/affording quality grass-fed humanely treated/killed meats - and also I've been off/on vegan or vegetarian for the past decade. I don't drink or smoke already... I love fat I've just avoided it for years.

I'm seeking mood stability, steady energy, mental clarity. I'm hoping to clear up some persistent adult acne issues, and maybe one day lose the dark circles under my eyes that have been with me since age 14 when I stopped eating at home (at boarding school my diet became ATROCIOUS).

I'm still breastfeeding a 3 year old, 2-3 times a day usually evening and morning.. I despise exercise but do walk most places within a 5km radius of home. My kid weighs 40lbs so that's sort of like weight training right?

Anyway. Not sure what to expect. Not giving up my coffee (I'm also a single parent to an early rising 3 year old so have been sleep deprived since it was born). I drink it black already -

Look forward to scouring the forums for some cooking ideas for all this meat and eggs I just bought.

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