Vegan Whole30 Round 2--Success! (Yes, it is possible!)


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I just wanted to share my success story, in case there are vegetarians or vegans out there who need a little encouragement to give this a try. A little background: I am a long-time vegetarian with thyroid and autoimmune issues, 42 years old and with some weight I'd like to lose. When I did a Whole 30 last year, I dropped 8 pounds and experienced other great NSV's, so I thought I'd go back to what I know works. 

This time, I lost 9.4 pounds, and my BMI went from "overweight" to "normal!" Woohoo! Other equally-important victories: Stable/improved energy levels, better mental clarity, less bloating/gas, healthier-looking skin, no obvious autoimmune flare-ups, better self-esteem and will-power, and this time I actually got to experience Tiger Blood. 

I read the forums every day while on the Whole30, because I learn so much and feel so supported hearing about other people's experiences. Even though I have come across many who find the second round harder, I actually had an easier time. Here's what I changed that I think helped me:

Vegans do need to consume some plant protein, and I did my best to follow the Whole30 Vegan recommendations. Last time, for protein, I ate mainly properly prepared legumes, but also included some tofu and quinoa. This time I eliminated all grains and soy, relying solely upon a variety of properly prepared legumes.

This time, I made a strong effort to stick to the template. I was sure to eat within an hour of waking up, and I spaced my meals properly. I ate enough so that I was rarely hungry to the point of needing snacks. On those occasions when I did need snacks, I was mindful about what I chose (doing my best to eat a mini-meal). There was only one time when I was away from home and had to resort to a Larabar.

Also, about half-way through I cut out fruit entirely--just because I really had no sugar cravings and felt like I didn't need or want it.  

I am so grateful and proud of myself! I hope this post helps any vegans or vegetarians who have bravely decided to go for the Whole30. You can do it!


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2 hours ago, MissHLG said:

What is the proper way to prepare legumes?

Soaking them, sometimes up to 48 hours depending on the type of bean, prior to cooking them. This reduces some of the inflammation causing substances in the legumes. The Nourishing Traditions cookbook or the Weston A. Price foundation online should have more details.

This does not make them whole30 compliant -- vegans might do this to have another protein option, but people who will eat animal based protein (meat, eggs, seafood) would follow the Whole30 rules.

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7 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

Soaking them, sometimes up to 48 hours depending on the type of bean, prior to cooking them. This reduces some of the inflammation causing substances in the legumes.

As an aditional practical advantage, soaking reduces cooking time. 
Have it in mind, you may need to adjust the cooking time advised in the package.

Also, if you use an slow cooker make sure you know your varieties.
Some beans have Phytohaemagglutinin and therefore should boil for a while (and the slow cooker does not reach enough temperature).

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