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Whole30 Aerie


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Start Date: January 4th, spontaneous unplanned Whole30 newbie

Woke bloated, gassy and uncomfortable, dehydrated and icky. Drank 1/2 L water, black coffee

Lemon water with Daily Greens

10 am: Spoonful coconut butter

Noon: Spoonful coconut butter, 1/3 avocado was mostly brown and ick, more water and greens

2 pm: 350g ground beef with thai red curry paste and romaine lettuce leaves

3 pm: slow 2km walk to get some groceries

5 pm: drinking water, not hungry, still gassy and uncomfortable

Plan on making this sweet potato hash with eggs that I saw on nomnom paleo for dinner.

* I did and it was delicious. Half an orange sweet potato, 2 eggs, coconut oil. mmmmmm.

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Hi & welcome,

Spend today familiarising yorself with the propgramme. If you don't have the book I'd def rec ordering it, but in the meantimme the free downloads on the "our book" page are very informative.

best of luck!

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