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Mission acomplished but wait there's more...


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I finished my whole30 yesterday and I feel great! I had 3 bad days. Day 2 I had a sugar crash. Day 14 I felt as though I never slept, dragged myself around all day. Day 19 same as day 14. After that I was feeling great. Tons of energy no more inflammation in my body. No aches and pains! My skin looks fresh and I am sleeping much better. I lost 8.6 lbs that's huge for me as I don't weigh a ton but wanted to get rid of 10 lbs for years and that was not the purpose of being on whole30 at least for me.  I have no cravings don't miss sugar and certainly won't eat like I did before this program.

I am glad I purchase Mellisa's book they helped me understand what the program was all about. I used her recipes for the whole family and where they needed pasta I cooked it for them.  Very grateful for her books. 

I am more careful about checking out everything I purchase as there is sugar in everything. I will be avoiding process foods as I have now learned what it does to my body.

I have decided that I am sticking  to it for 45 days to get the full benefit of whole 30 and start weaning myself back to at least 1 percent milk in my coffee for the first 4 to 7 days and move on to gluten free oatmeal (as long as nothing bothers me with milk) and have that for 4-7 days moving on to the next thing I miss. 

For those that are skeptical don't be. It works. I have never felt this good for for a long time.

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