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Lorna from Canada

Day 30 - My daughter's results

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So, we've had our little post W30 meeting (aka, our last W30 dinner together :) ) and did some planning. Gee, who jumped in right away to join me on this plan, had wanted to jump start her weight loss program after a frustrating year on WW. Well, jumpstart it she did losing a whopping 19lbs. She's 5'10", overweight and 29 years old so this plan really revved her up. She was 100% compliant which surprised me quite a bit. I helped her out by making a lot of meals (Gee's the one who has some disabilities leftover from a rare neurological illness and time management is hard for her) but she has started to cook on her own again including using an Instant Pot which is brilliant. I'm not surprised by her weight loss number - I could tell she was dropping pounds.

Most of our discussion tonight revolved around next steps. Gee doesn't believe she has any food intolerances - like her dad, she doesn't feel better or worse for eating the W30 way. Still, she's going to continue the idea of eating from a restricted food list, eschewing sugar and grains and alcohol but reintroducing dairy and legumes. She's committed to another 2 months of eating this way and we'll re-evaluate when I get back in April. Her major goal continues to be to lose weight. 



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