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January 2nd Group Reintroduction


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I'm a bit late to my reintroduction conversation but here goes.  The first thing I reintroduced was Gluten on Friday.  It was a bit of a mixed bag.  The first gluten I had (a biscuit with breakfast) sat on my stomach HARD and I was  in some pain.  I decided to skip gluten at lunch for two reasons.  I was going to a concert that night and knew I'd likely have gluten again and I was still feeling so bloated from breakfast I just wanted a straight whole30 meal.  I had barbecue with a roll for dinner at the concert which was good and didn't cause me any issues.  Then I did have a cookie later and also had no issues.  So the jury is still out on gluten for me.  The biscuit may have been just an issue with me having delayed breakfast so long (usually at around 6:30 but this was about 8:30 due to a company meeting).  

This weekend was not the greatest pure Whole30 because I was traveling and options were limited.  So I did whole30 but allowed myself to have sugars if they were there (BBQ without a bun for example - I didn't ask what sugar was in the BBQ etc but it was dry BBQ not sauced).  My Super Bowl foods were all whole30 compliant but I felt I was lacking nutrients yesterday.

Today is Legumes and I had some black beans with my breakfast and will have hummus with lunch.  So far so good on legumes (as I anticpated).

I'll do non-gluten grains Thursday and Dairy Sunday (Greek Yogurt and Full Fat Sour Cream) and a second Dairy Wednesday (Soft Cheese and Ice Cream). 

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Clearly I haven't been keeping up enough on my reintroduction process.  

Legumes day went without a hitch

Non-Gluten Grains also were fine

I did my first Dairy yesterday.  Started the day with some cheddar cheese in my otherwise typical eggs with spinach.  I then had some Greek Yogurt with my lunch and made an amazing taco salad over spinach with sour cream and cheddar cheese.  No issues.  Crazy!

Wednesday will be the soft cheeses and ice cream.  I'm now thinking those must be the culprit from my last whole30 that gave me such stomach distress because I had ice cream on my dairy day and my stomach felt like an elevator that couldn't stop dropping!  This will be very interesting!

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