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Lorna from Canada

Day 33 and a half

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Sitting in the Business Class lounge at Vancouver Airport and feeling mighty overwhelmed by everything I can't eat (or drink - all that lovely booze!)  The place is filled with all manner of food and drink but, until 15 minutes ago, I couldn't eat any of it except black coffee, water, an apple, and 8 olives from the bar - fancily speared by a bored bartender mind you - but 8 olives.

Enter Amy - the chef. She's out making prawn pasta for everyone so, I ask her if it's possible to have just shrimp cooked in garlic and oil? She goes one better and concocts a delicious bean and prawn masterpiece for me all the while cluck clucking at the terrible misfortune of my dietary restrictions :)  What a delight! Now I feel sated and loved and ready to get on board and work on my restraint for the next 22 hours :)

Feast your eyes on this! @SchrodingersCat it looks ALMOST (not quite) as good as one of your beautiful plates!!


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