Almond butter


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I know dates are compliant, but there's a part of me that wants to say "no" in this instance. It's not like adding a date to a barbecue sauce recipe to mellow the vinegar and spice. It's straight up added in this product to make it sweet while being able to say that it doesn't have added sugar. It does have added sugar; that date is the added sugar but labeling laws are dumb and companies will find ways to skirt them. 

Per the Whole30 rules, though, that ingredient list is compliant. 

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I'm sure a mod will jump in soon to give a definitive answer on this... but as a recovering creamy PB-junkie, I'll chime in also.

The ingredients themselves are compliant. Egg whites and coconut oil are (I assume) used to make it creamy, and salt isn't an issue. Adding vanilla and dates to flavor and sweeten, though, that is a significant enough change (especially since it's creamy) to make it SWYPO for me, making it totally off limits.

For my almond butter needs, I found a local store with a section of machines to grind your own nut butter. One of them (thankfully) uses just plain almonds, so I can get as much (or as little) as I need for the coming week. It's not super creamy, and it's not decadent, so it's easy for me to incorporate it into meals instead of using it to fire up pleasure and reward pathways in my brain.

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