Hannah M Byrne

Sweet Potato Noodles?

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I am going to a local restaurant tonight, Fresh Kitchen (http://www.eatfreshkitchen.com/), which seems to be Whole30 compliant. I just wanted to double check. Am I able to eat sweet potato noodles? Also, how do I know the sauces are compliant? Or, do I just bring my own? I am on day 7 of my first Whole30, and this is my first Whole30 meal out and I'm nervous I will do something that will cause my Whole30 to suffer.

Here is a direct link to the menu http://www.eatfreshkitchen.com/menu/lunch-dinner/

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If the 'noodles' are just spiralized sweet potato then yes, you can eat them provided they haven't put anything non compliant on them.  If it's some sort of actual pasta recreation using sweet potato flour and other starches, then no.

You have to ask the ingredients of the sauces you would want to eat.  We recommend calling ahead during a non busy time to talk directly to the restaurant staff.  You can also google 'whole30 guide to dining out' to get a pdf guide to help with those questions you will need to ask.

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