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Day 37 - So glad I added these days!

Lorna from Canada

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Jetlag is the worst - yesterday I was brain fogged and achey and completely jittery all day long. I offered to make dinner then, about 5PM I realized I couldn't put together a sentence let alone a meal. ARGH - usually I arrive on a Friday and then my brain fogged days are offset by my daughter and her partner taking me out and keeping me moving so I'm not focussed on it. This time I arrived early because I wanted to take advantage of a seat sale  - I'd do it again in a heartbeat to save the amount that I did BUT, there's no denying it, I didn't consider that the kids would be working and unable to distract me until tomorrow.

Having said that, I am so glad I decided not to muddy the waters of reintroduction by doing it during my travel days. Knowing my diet is still 100% W30 compliant has meant that I know 100% of what I'm feeling is 9 1/2 hours of jet lag. This may have been the smartest decision I've made in years (besides letting my hair go gray when I retired - THAT was brilliant ;)) but the time is coming to start the reintro. (insert scary movie music here)

I'm still planning my approach to this very carefully. I'm rereading the ISWF section on less healthy foods although the sciency stuff doesn't seem to stick in my brain very well. Which is a bit weird given that my undergrad degree is in science... still, I am rereading it and making notes and, eventually decisions. The eventually part is creeping up though... time to get real here man.

In other news, I'm going to ride my bike today for the first time this year - since I've been out of the gym for 4 months, this could be interesting. I'm also going to renew my membership at the gym. Working out starts Monday - already dreading the DOMS.

Okay - that's it for me today - oh - except to say I had 2 pork chops for lunch yesterday and the craving was sated. Not going to ignore another meat craving!!

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