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Lorna from Canada

Day 38 - feeling much better thank you

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I am surfacing from jet lag - I woke up this morning feeling like it was morning and I was even hungry for breakfast. Tonight will be my last medicated (weaned dose) sleep - 4 days usually sorts it for me and, here we are at day 4. So, depending how the rest of the day feels, this might be it for my W40. A W38 doesn't sound as interesting though, does it? No worries mate (that's me releasing my inner Aussie), at this stage, I am really keen to get on with finding out what does and doesn't work for me. Doing 2 more compliant days isn't going to make or break the experience so long as I feel like my "normal" self going in to the reintro.

I'll keep you posted - the first thing I'll be trying out is wine... :D :wub:



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