Greens Powder, KPX Protein Fiber Granola and Fiber Period

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Hi There,


I'm looking to start on the 15th of February or the 1st of March.  I am looking for a Paleo Approved Greens Powder (or smoothie recipe with greens) also a Paleo Approved Hot Cereal.  My plan is to do water and probiotic, coffee with Nutpods and Vital Proteins Collagen, eggs and veggies or hot cereal with Almond Milk for breakfast, a salad for lunch, celery and almond butter for snack, and a meat and veggie for dinner. I've been using KPX Protein Fiber Granola with Flaxseed and Almond Milk.  Is there a good substitute to this?  Also, I've been using a Green Protein Powder?  Is there a Paleo Approved Powder?  I'm trying to maximize my fiber intake.


Thank you!



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None of these things that you're looking for are in the spirit of Whole30.  We want you to eat real whole foods for 3 meals a day.  Recreating pseudo cereals and oatmeals is actually also not recommended.  Because these actually run contrary to the program, we wouldn't have recommendations for products to use.

For information on the reasons behind our recommendation against smoothies, google 'whole30 can I have smoothies' and scroll down to the smoothie section.  

I would also encourage you to check out the meal template and make sure that you're making all your meals fit the template.  You mention salad for lunch and dinner but don't mention the protein you plan on eating with it and leafy greens when used as your veggie choice needs to be really a wheelbarrow full when you think about how leafy greens chew or steam down to nothing.

If you eat 3 meals a day 4-5 hours apart with a variety of veggies, some starchy carbs, some fruit occassionally along with protein and fat, you will get a sufficient amount of fibre in your diet.

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