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I am about to embark on my 3rd Whole 30 and I'm desperate for tiger blood!

I understand why I didn't get it the first round (grazed on nuts & fruit all day)...I was bummed I didn't really get it the second time even though it was all around a better experience.  

I am curious (and also had a doctor recommend an elimination diet) what an egg-free Whole 30 could do.  However, I'm curious if eggs are enough to eliminate or if I should just do an AIP reset...any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! 

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i think it depends on what you're trying to determine by eliminating eggs and/or a full AIP program.  AIP is definitely more challenging than the regular program altho since you've done two already, if you've stuck pretty close to the Whole30 protocol between rounds, it's usually easier to then take it a step further for AIP.

Tiger blood or the lacktherof is often contributed to more by the meal template and whether you follow all the recommendations than removing more foods from your diet.  If you don't have a medical reason to be eliminating eggs or doing AIP then that might not be your best bet for getting that energy you're looking for.

One thing to think about also is that Tiger Blood doesn't necessarily mean that you're running around like your tail is on fire all your waking hours.  For some people it's just feeling 'good'.  Feeling like they can go for a walk after dinner or being sharper at work or during their hobbies.  Melissa has written some new articles on tiger blood recently because of this very problem of people thinking they've done something wrong because they didn't turn into Tigger on the program.  I think if you google 'whole30 tiger blood' you should be able to find some articles as well as past discussions about what it is and isn't.

In the meantime, before you decide to go AIP or egg free, if you have a recollection of how your meals were composed on the last round and can give some reasonably specific detail about how and when you ate, maybe there are some tweaks in there on the standard program that you can try before you go to eliminating additional foods.


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